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yzak: (can never look back)
Thursday, October 8th, 2009 05:54 am
[ profile] yzak

New layout and a new userinfo! I needed a change from the dark colors. I love the image for the userinfo so much, and want to use it for the revamp when I merge my Yzak shrine/fanlisting. Which will happen in a million years because I am suck so hard with layouts, I am still working on a revamp to my OTP shrine, sob!

But yes, in the meantime new eyecandy for myself when I browse LJ now. \o/
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Monday, April 6th, 2009 03:36 am
[ profile] yzak

:x Now including custom user, community and locked post icons along with the new layout. I need to make a new profile header though. \o/ But YAY. I also finally unlocked STARS Wesker in Mercs. Hilariously, I did it on Solo. And I just made it. Seriously, the timer was at like 2 seconds, I was JUST UNDER 40K and knew a Melee attempt would have wasted that time. So I whipped out my magnum and shot the Majini that were point blank. And just as the timer hit 0 the points racked up to just over 40k. *_* Two more to go. And only the All Weapons Upgrade trophy until I think I did just about everything there is to do in the game, DLC not included since it's not out just yet. But orz upgrading is so expensive, so I need to work on that some more since that will take a while.

Finished Chapter 5 on Pro. And I think the following lines from the log between me and Biz sums up the Monarch Room battle rather well. Especially since I was on my Wesker nick:

Wesker is such a woman. )

Am probably going to upload a bunch of the songs from my show soon. The originals of course since as of now there is no talk of some kind of cast recorded version. Which is eh. Since, I REALLY LIKE THE ORIGINALS, they are classics and all that. But considering they were songs in the 80s, it's like. In the show? The music is just that more LOUD and POWERFUL compared to the originals. It's exactly that power that makes the show so much freaking fun.

Official opening night is on Tuesday. \o/ And I am in for the week again, I have worked every show since the previews started, so this makes me very happy. I hope it keeps up.
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Friday, October 24th, 2008 04:39 pm
... 8D New layout and userinfo.

[ profile] yzak

(in the process I realized Billy kind of has a mullet going on. And then I laughed.)

God the layout is so hot I'm going to stare at it forever.

I am going to look like balls for work tonight. :( Thanks to somebody assuming something so wrongly and hurting my feelings so badly because of it. orz my family sometimes.

Some pics of kittenbuns and my new work tag. )

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 03:53 pm
Let's see. I finished revamping the fanlisting collective.

And then I spent last night watching Resident Evil parodies and scenes from Conker's Bad Fur Day, which was the best game ever. How can you say no to a game when there are things like:

- "Were your parents related? Like, before they were married?" // "So what are you gonna do now, kill yourself? Cause that's what I'd recommend." "Yeah, you should kill yourself. We got a rope right here." "What kind of friends are you? ... In that case I is gonna kill myself. I'm gonna kill myself RIGHT NOW. That's all there is to it! ........... Fuck you!"

- "That bitch threw me out. Apparently the hive keeps getting stolen. I don't care. Couldn't fit in the fucking thing anyway, seen as how fat she is. Bitch." // "All I wanna go is pollinate her. She's got stigmas like you wouldn't believe."

- "I am the great might poo~, and I'm going to throw my shit at you~!"

Theeen I got this urge to play Katamari, which I do not own, so am going to see if I can buy used for cheap. And then this morning I found out Estelle Getty died. So I'm not sure how super I feel on the whole due to other things too. Lol me, lol.
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Monday, July 21st, 2008 09:20 am


... like everything else to go. Lol.

Yesterday was fun. Got Dark Knight tickets for Thursday since that's when we'll all be free. Spent the day hanging with Joseph and Kegal at his house. We cooked, we failed, we laughed, but the food turned out great. Got harassed by the mean little chihuahua. Sang songs like retards, mooched off of more delicious Calpico that Joseph had, aaand planned more things to do soon.

Anyway, since I just finished moving everything, anyone who has a Backloggery account should add me.
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Sunday, April 6th, 2008 05:56 am
New layout and userinfo @ [ profile] gaignun as well as a bunch of new icons at the bottom and a mood-theme swap. It was going to be a WHOLE FUN SHEBANG (?!) with a username swap as well. And I need to make some more icons later.

But then I remembered that LJ is a very expensive hooker. And unlike the general namechange, the nameswap process costs three rename tokens. That of which I currently cannot afford. So that will be delayed for maybe a month or so.

It'd be nice to get a step up on that, though! Another interview on Monday, the last week (and some) has been a blur of this same process, over and over and over. I am about to possibly pop from aggravation. It'd be nice if one of these attempts paid off. FIGHT ON.

I also cannot get What What In The Butt out of my head after this week's South Park. On that same note, who else watching it recognized like ... all of those youtube things?
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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 06:20 pm
Man there were a ton of things I wanted to update about but I haven't in about a week or so, so let me backtrack and try to feebly remember as much as I can. Read: watch me FAIL!

1) Firstly, new layout! [ profile] gaignun Same template as my old one, and I think this one is cute and cuteness. Yay for chibis.

2) Last weekend was sex and more sex. It is awesome to have a roleplay idea you've had and treated like your own little child-thing hit it off better than you could have imagined. Fabulous times were had, Erde Kaiser wore a sombrero, and that joy was topped off by counselor applications opening. DO WANT MORE ADULT XENOCAST.

2.5) The only thing that could have made last weekend better actually happened! The Backstreet Boys CD was leaked in its entirety (I still went out and got it today, of course. :P) and I was filled with fangirl glee. I have no idea how the CD releases went in terms of normal vs. deluxe edition. But all I knew that was this deluxe had a couple of extra tracks the normal did not - one of which was my favorite song on the CD called Downpour. Virgin had nothing but, so I was all cool. EITHER WAY that was today and I will get into that later, but in the meantime, listen to Downpour, I adore it.

3) I powered through Ouendan and Super Mario 64 DS (as YOSHI oh my god yes). It was a little HILARIOUS because I've had Ouendan on my R4 since I ... got it. And when I finally opened it it was like "... oh. It's. The Japanese version of Elite Beat Agents. ... ... ... FUCK YES!" And I laughed at mom a little because I tried out that new Flash Focus game which is fun - and I told her she would probably score like a 130 year old's eyesight because her eyesight is horrible. But no, no, she agreed completely.

3.5) I also tried out Resident Evil Deadly Silence, and to my surprise ... IT WAS THE FIRST GAME! So I got all nostaglic and checked out the RE wiki and man, I need to catch up one day. I stopped playing at Zero and I barely got far in that. There is a game STARRING WESKER COMING OUT FOR THE WII soon. Omg. The thing is though I hate playing RE alone, because I grew up playing all of the games with my cousins and friends, so when I tried playing Zero I was just like ... blah. :\ And it wasn't the same so I never picked it up again. I am pondering the merits of catching up via cutscenes online as an alternative, because huu, I love Resident Evil, it was always one of my favorite video games ever. And Wesker and Carlos were my boyfriends ... I kind of want to make a couple of icons now. :(

Even though one RE game I can play alone and a thousand times over is Nemesis, which is still like my second favorite video game of all time. *__*

4) Weekend til today have been great funsies times! Not only in RP ways but more specifically today. When I went on my magical adventure. First, to Virgin Records where I picked up the Backstreet Boys new album that came out today. I was so happy, eee. :') And dorked on the inside when I saw a lot of other girls getting it too. I was a little woeful though, seeing the people all gathering in front of the MTV studios (which is on the same block as my house, only up on Broadway) since BSB who were at Virgin signing autographs, were going to be on TRL. Sadly for the Virgin thing you had to be on like and get a band and some people were out there for over a day, so I was outta luck there. And I'm not really the TRL goer much anymore. XD;

I USED to be though! I've stood in front of many a place in NY for a glimpse of BSB, including TRL in the freezing cold. THEY WERE GREAT TIMES, but I just don't have the oomph for it anymore. XD ... unless I know I would get invited into the studio or something in which case hells yeah I would.

4.5) THEN I walked down to the bookstore to pick up Gundam ACE. Last installment of the Edge Desire, apparently. Which is sadness but on the bright side more saved money for me? Unless there are other things in them I wind up buying it for, which there may very well be since they have some SEED things in there other than the manga. And I still want my Suit CD drama manga adaptations damn it. >:( But yes, picked tham up and went home ... and watched TRL and squeed some like a nerd at my mom who was in the room watching it with me. ┬ŽD

4.7) Also ordered a couple of Xenosaga doujins, so am happyzen.

4.9) Am a little ehhhh'd though. Not so much that I'm kind of feeling lazy in terms of ... doing something for a certain thing, which isn't to say I do not adore the subject at hand because I DO and I always WILL. But ... I dunno I'd feel bad if I didn't do it, and I'd feel bad if I did it and then didn't be a part of it. XD; I just feel kinda blaaaah'd out when I think about it. POSSIBLY BECAUSE it's always a bit of a hassle to run alone, but I kind of have this insane THING where if I am part of a group project I want to be a LEADER and REMIND people and PUSH PEOPLE TO GET THEIR PART DONE because I am so scared of something falling through or someone dropping out and then having to rush around to pick up the extra slack.

5) Then I got bored and decided to take some pics around the house and downstairs where the kitties are.