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Sunday, May 29th, 2011 07:23 pm

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Thursday, November 12th, 2009 03:14 am
I can never pass up a chance to whore my icons since I love my icons for my characters so much. ♥

That character expression meme, for all 5 of mine that I play! )

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Saturday, August 8th, 2009 06:26 pm
So if the default from the Xeno character viewer and couple of more icons on [livejournal.com profile] durandork don't explain it better, I love my new computer very much because now I can get shinies like this.

And also get these two SEED Owaranai caps finally in good quality for my site which I just did. ;o;! (AND PLAY ALL THE EFFING OTHER SEED GAMES THAT NEVER CAME OUT HERE). I am such an image whore. :( Part of why I remember Owaranai was because I went "oh I can make better icons for my Dearka and Shiho folders durrrrrp!" Now I am super excited to try these other SEED games. I just hope they play okay ... if I can find roms for them at all. Lol this is going to be a fun adventure. \o\
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Saturday, August 1st, 2009 08:49 am
Can has [livejournal.com profile] durandork back. With added renamed journal. And a loli double apper in the form of my cakes. :3

Now I can upload some icons again. And mention that me and [livejournal.com profile] lacus have been replaying the games. And post caps of the character I made for him on Ragnarok. AND JUST REMOVE MY CLOAK OF TRYING TO BE NINJANESS.

Oh and be laughed at by everybody ever, but that was a given.

I now have two characters with like, the same name. Red, Rubedo, yes. Both with unlucky number tattoos! (and let's not forget Wesker's little association with one, too. App pattern? What app pattern?)

My first 100% in oh my titties. ;o;
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Sunday, July 19th, 2009 12:13 am
To Tara
"Ma peche..."

M-my life. That + RE geekery and more RE goodies. I think it is officially made.

And Biz writing Littlefoot/Yzak porn. And reading it to us. Mass videos and pictures are to be coming soon because ooooohmygosh.

Also MONSTER BAGELS and penis ice cream cones from unmarked white ice cream vans playing Transylvanian music.
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Thursday, February 21st, 2008 05:57 pm
Let's see. RE: last post, I got sick! Am in the recovery stages now since I can be up for hours without trying to stab my eye out. On a similar note, I accidently went overboard on idly poking at my lips again, because it started to bleed and now it's all ow and. ;-;.

Also need to get batteries for the camera and finish taking pics, since my box full of stuff from magazines is sitting there and I need some cash, so am going to set up a sale post, except maybe allow people to offer more if they want something/are willing to offer more! Mostly Geass and Gundam with some odd end Haruhi, Lucky Star and other random and semi-recent series stuff.

I also had the weirdest dream last night, it involved Yzak and het, and the Durandal crashing in my old school park. Log of IRC + dream here. )

But now, manly. Pics of Katsucon! And a couple of pics of Cody and stuff from before the con that were still on the camera. And figure whoring after I got home.

Yaaaaaay pics. )
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Monday, February 18th, 2008 12:31 am
Firstly, [livejournal.com profile] kagu_chan is a whore. :( WHO SPOILS ME WITH THINGS THAT I DO NOT DESERVE yet love her for it anyway.

Katsucon was a total blast! I am still waiting to see if I get sick with what everybody wound up catching there, more newson that tomorrow, along with actual pictures from the con. My haul consisted of:

- T-elos figure (this one)
- KOS-MOS version 4 figure (this one)
- Meer figure (this one)
- Meer Character Studio figure (this one)
- Twilight Princess figure set (these)

And now the con report!

To the best of my crappy memory. )
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Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 11:57 am
And now for a change of pace because I really need it. And thanks everyone who commented yesterday. ♥

[This is my favorite Xenosaga 4koma ever.]

Gaignun> s-socute
Rubedo> omg i cracked up so hard at the big image
Gaignun> omg OKAY lemme paraphrase it
Gaignun> shion is like "are Junior-kun and Gaignun-san really father and son?" and Allen is all 'yeah it's strange'
Gaignun> and Jr is like [dammit shion and the others are on to us >_>;]
Gaignun> [we need to maintain appearances of the father-son thing]
Rubedo> ... why do i get a feeling i know where this is going
Gaignun> and then. it's like.
Gaignun> Gaignun: He~~~~~re we are, Junior~ Daddy's going to read you a story~~~~~~
Gaignun> Jr: Waaaaaaai~~~~~~~ I'm so happy~~~~~~
Rubedo> ........
Gaignun> ...
Rubedo> oh my god
Gaignun> m-my sides hurt
Gaignun> the large text is like.
Gaignun> "(Ideal) Portrait of a Father-Son Relationship"
Rubedo> ... lmao.
Gaignun> as per some mangaka's work
Gaignun> or something
Gaignun> mary and shelley are like.
Gaignun> "...........it really suits you, little master... *snrrrrrrk*"
Gaignun> and Jr is like DON'T LAUGH. T_T
Rubedo> omg best 4koma ever
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Monday, January 21st, 2008 08:17 am

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Sunday, December 30th, 2007 11:55 pm
Xenosaga brings out the retard in people.

Did I mention I liked chatlogs. )
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Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 06:20 am
1) RESIDENT EVIL 4 FOR THE WII FROM [livejournal.com profile] kagu_chan IN THE MAIL.

2) COOKIES AND A LICKER/BAGEL CARD FROM [livejournal.com profile] rachia IN THE MAIL TOO.

3) Christmas card from my sister with a pic of my niece she is so CUTE OH MY GOD.

YESTERDAY WAS FABULOUS. And now here is a log, because [livejournal.com profile] kagu_chan and I are, according to people, super gay because she waited for me as I played through Xenosaga since I was right before where she was. And then we played through and watched the end of Chapter 8 together. Mostly rambling and keyboard smashing so probably not of interest to anybody but me unless you know the scenes we are following. I LIKE SAVING LOGS LIKE THIS OK. XD And that since we ... roleplay the characters there are lots of "ME"s and "YOU"s. XD ... me being the tiny red midget and her being the big black gay teacup emoclone.

Xenosaga III spoilers, obviously. And just us being special snowflakes. Warning: Long, and possibly retarded. )
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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 10:31 pm
- Kentity CFUD meetup. FUN TIMES. [livejournal.com profile] perfectdays is adorable and counselor app dorking is always fun.

- CITRINE @ CFUD GET OH MY GOD YES this is fabulous.



Oh my God Oh my God I just beat RE1 on the DS again and I need to play the games I still haven't yet and replay the other ones and sd;lfzfksdkg;akfsd;lggggggg I want it in my pants NOW.
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Thursday, November 15th, 2007 11:55 pm

Image Anime moved their store! I had an adventure two days ago that SUCKED SUCKED SUCKED and ended in my walking and going to many many places - including passing where IA used to be, seeing the whole area it was in being gone, and just going "... D:!!". But yes, they moved about a block up from their old location. So I checked it out! It's a little bigger than their old store, very nice! Got the Xenosaga Anime DVD volume 2 and my ticket for the anime con I just found out about last week that's coming up on the 7th.

The Xenosaga anime as GLORIOUS just like the first one. S-Some of those lines, I just - hahahaha. Am a little :\ on Gaignun's new voice, but that is sort of near impossible to be helped, considering. Crispy. >D ALLEN AND SCOTT WERE GOLD, Jr. was called a BASTARD SON!!

I have clips from both volumes [right here] for anyone interested! o/

In other news. This is how the story goes. Last year ... around the end of December, I got myself a Wii. Three days ago ... CLOSE TO A YEAR LATER, I got my first game for it - Twilight Princess. Then as you can see in my last post, I spazzed over the new Resident Evil game ... and then found out it came out just the day before. So uh today I uh. Uh. ANYWAY I have two games now, FINALLY! \o\

So here is my gaming log of both, this far. ♥

Twilight Princess )

Resident Evil )
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Sunday, November 11th, 2007 01:19 pm
O-oh my God what. /)_(\;;

... This icon doesn't quite convey the feeling of my dork level, and that is saying something.
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Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 06:20 pm
Man there were a ton of things I wanted to update about but I haven't in about a week or so, so let me backtrack and try to feebly remember as much as I can. Read: watch me FAIL!

1) Firstly, new layout! [livejournal.com profile] gaignun Same template as my old one, and I think this one is cute and cuteness. Yay for chibis.

2) Last weekend was sex and more sex. It is awesome to have a roleplay idea you've had and treated like your own little child-thing hit it off better than you could have imagined. Fabulous times were had, Erde Kaiser wore a sombrero, and that joy was topped off by counselor applications opening. DO WANT MORE ADULT XENOCAST.

2.5) The only thing that could have made last weekend better actually happened! The Backstreet Boys CD was leaked in its entirety (I still went out and got it today, of course. :P) and I was filled with fangirl glee. I have no idea how the CD releases went in terms of normal vs. deluxe edition. But all I knew that was this deluxe had a couple of extra tracks the normal did not - one of which was my favorite song on the CD called Downpour. Virgin had nothing but, so I was all cool. EITHER WAY that was today and I will get into that later, but in the meantime, listen to Downpour, I adore it.

3) I powered through Ouendan and Super Mario 64 DS (as YOSHI oh my god yes). It was a little HILARIOUS because I've had Ouendan on my R4 since I ... got it. And when I finally opened it it was like "... oh. It's. The Japanese version of Elite Beat Agents. ... ... ... FUCK YES!" And I laughed at mom a little because I tried out that new Flash Focus game which is fun - and I told her she would probably score like a 130 year old's eyesight because her eyesight is horrible. But no, no, she agreed completely.

3.5) I also tried out Resident Evil Deadly Silence, and to my surprise ... IT WAS THE FIRST GAME! So I got all nostaglic and checked out the RE wiki and man, I need to catch up one day. I stopped playing at Zero and I barely got far in that. There is a game STARRING WESKER COMING OUT FOR THE WII soon. Omg. The thing is though I hate playing RE alone, because I grew up playing all of the games with my cousins and friends, so when I tried playing Zero I was just like ... blah. :\ And it wasn't the same so I never picked it up again. I am pondering the merits of catching up via cutscenes online as an alternative, because huu, I love Resident Evil, it was always one of my favorite video games ever. And Wesker and Carlos were my boyfriends ... I kind of want to make a couple of icons now. :(

Even though one RE game I can play alone and a thousand times over is Nemesis, which is still like my second favorite video game of all time. *__*

4) Weekend til today have been great funsies times! Not only in RP ways but more specifically today. When I went on my magical adventure. First, to Virgin Records where I picked up the Backstreet Boys new album that came out today. I was so happy, eee. :') And dorked on the inside when I saw a lot of other girls getting it too. I was a little woeful though, seeing the people all gathering in front of the MTV studios (which is on the same block as my house, only up on Broadway) since BSB who were at Virgin signing autographs, were going to be on TRL. Sadly for the Virgin thing you had to be on like and get a band and some people were out there for over a day, so I was outta luck there. And I'm not really the TRL goer much anymore. XD;

I USED to be though! I've stood in front of many a place in NY for a glimpse of BSB, including TRL in the freezing cold. THEY WERE GREAT TIMES, but I just don't have the oomph for it anymore. XD ... unless I know I would get invited into the studio or something in which case hells yeah I would.

4.5) THEN I walked down to the bookstore to pick up Gundam ACE. Last installment of the Edge Desire, apparently. Which is sadness but on the bright side more saved money for me? Unless there are other things in them I wind up buying it for, which there may very well be since they have some SEED things in there other than the manga. And I still want my Suit CD drama manga adaptations damn it. >:( But yes, picked tham up and went home ... and watched TRL and squeed some like a nerd at my mom who was in the room watching it with me. ¦D

4.7) Also ordered a couple of Xenosaga doujins, so am happyzen.

4.9) Am a little ehhhh'd though. Not so much that I'm kind of feeling lazy in terms of ... doing something for a certain thing, which isn't to say I do not adore the subject at hand because I DO and I always WILL. But ... I dunno I'd feel bad if I didn't do it, and I'd feel bad if I did it and then didn't be a part of it. XD; I just feel kinda blaaaah'd out when I think about it. POSSIBLY BECAUSE it's always a bit of a hassle to run alone, but I kind of have this insane THING where if I am part of a group project I want to be a LEADER and REMIND people and PUSH PEOPLE TO GET THEIR PART DONE because I am so scared of something falling through or someone dropping out and then having to rush around to pick up the extra slack.

5) Then I got bored and decided to take some pics around the house and downstairs where the kitties are.

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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 01:54 am

Hope you liked everything, ♥ and here are the [TWO] [THINGS] from the note/sketches. XD

Also wtf is with DeviantART's new links with the titles in the URLs. :O
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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007 01:36 am
So, I did start replaying Xenosaga last week, I got pretty far! I'm about to start the Cathedral Ship again, woot woot! But now I'm kind of slowing down considerably because, well, as I announced when I got it, I got a DS semi-recently! With about three games for it. And all was well. I powered through Xenosaga I & II, Brain Age is a once in a while thing, and I still need to finish Phoenix Wright - I'm on the last case still, haha.

And then as I orgasmed a few days ago, [livejournal.com profile] kagu_chan sent me an R4 for it (PS DO ME HANI)! So being the ever curious cat that I am, I went and got a few games to try out! Mario Kart is awesome when you're in the mood for it, I replayed Xeno I & II so I could put it back on my harddrive and get the Museum extras from it, which I still need to icon and such.

Usually, I don't like playing more than one game at a time, b-but. All these games I can has now, it ... it's addicting. And Nintendo has always owned my soul but man the DS and the Wii just takes the whole interactive bit to a whole new level. (random tangent: I still have no games for my Wii. orz. I really need to get one sometime soon.)

So CURRENTLY I'm kind of going at:

- Elite Beat Agents (I cannot beat the last level FUCKING ALIENS!! I hate the 14+ quick combos, THEY ALWAYS GET MEEEEEEE!! >O)
- Trauma Center (mid-way into chapter 3, damn quick-dropping vitals DX)
- Cooking Mama (just heard about this game! IT IS SO DAMNED ADDICTING JESUS I LOVE IT I went through like 13 meals in my first sitting.)

And that's really all I'm juggling for now! Even though I also have things I wanna play soon too like Nintendogs and Age of Empires, Diddy Kong Racing, Pokemon, and the list goes on so that will probably add up.

But yeah, ones like Cooking Mama and Trauma Center are by far my favorites, I need to find more games along those same lines. Since I only browsed the titles on the batch torrents and went for ones I heard of and/or sounded interesting. And I am totally open to recommendations. :Db

ETA: And starting Diddy Kong Racing, why can't I be Conker I was always Conker he BETTER BE ONE OF THE UNLOCKABLESSSSSS. :( Also, last week I was thinking of Conker's Bad Fur Day and how much I freaking loved that game, it was so wonderfully horrible. And then I went to find the Poo King song on YouTube because that was one of my favorite parts in the whole game. I need to dig out that game too and play it, one day.

In other news, hello few new friends from friending memes! o/ ♥ ♥

And I'll close this post with some [Canaan cleavage] and [Dmitri Yuriev going blond]!! (DS game I love you but just editing Gaignun's hair color for Dmitri cracks me up). A-a-and finally, one 4-koma from a new Xenosaga anthology I got in the mail a couple of days ago: [Jr. is hot, chaos offers this nice piece of cloth to wipe his face with and a-a-and.] J-Jin. Loincloth. Why.
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Thursday, September 13th, 2007 07:48 pm
Let's see ... today.

1) Freaked out! On Tuesday, I ran off to the post office to get an errand done for mom, since she needed to send out something really important, and needed to pay to get it sent so it'd get to its destination by next morning. So I did! And I sent it.

And today when I checked the mail ... it came back to us. So I went around the corner to find and tell her. BLARGH. I mean, we have PROOF that we sent it out AS an overnight delivery, and it was attempted but apparently nobody recieved it. But I think, and hope, that so long as we have the proof that it SHOULD HAVE gotten to where it needed to go on TIME, we should be cool beans.

2) Hit up 5th avenue today ... nothing special in the magazines. 2/3 of them had something SEED in them, one was just a poster for the new SEED Club animation, which was really cute! But I just picked up one magazine, Newtype. Shinn looks like he is walling Kira in the image for it, and there was a special thing about the third SEED Club 4koma compliation book. But there was no actual new SEED Club comics, I hope it's not over! On one hand, I love those comics and they LIT UP MY LIFE especially by making fun of Yzak so much oh man, but on the other ... I won't need to waste that extra few bucks a month?

3) AND I picked up the first volume of the XENOSAGA ANIME from Best Buy since it was one block away. And I watched it! And overall it was pretty good! I admit I am possibly just a little HARD TO PLEASE and really liked the original cast dub in the game so it was hard to LOVE IT ALL, but it had its sexy points. I started to really like Allen as it went along. Matthews has kind of a Boston accent at some parts, lol. Hammer and Tony were fabulous. I think my favorite part was when Tony started wave-riding in hyperspace, because the way Hammer goes "OH GOD!" cracked me up so hard.

I think the guy who is doing Albedo/Gaignun may do a better job on Gaignun when we get to him in the next episode, even though he had his own brand of stuff that made me laugh in that "I love Albedo oh my god" kind of way. Especially in the part with Margulis. I loved Virgil. Ziggy was pretty okay, but man I am too used to the DEEP RUGGED voice to really let myself decide. MOMO was ... well, some people thought her voice was too old for her in Episode I, it's sort of moreso in the anime. chaos was pretty cute! And Jr. lolol. I DON'T KNOW because like ... the voice is an ADORABLE LITTLE BOY VOICE but it just didn't seem to ... fit. Of course, that is my highest bias point which wanders into "CANNOT PLEASE ME EVER" territory, so.

KOS-MOS was really hot. Episode II made us all cry and want Bridget Hoffman back more than life itself. But the anime doesn't invoke that! I would tap her. Many times. The DVD is also awesome because it has the textless opening and ending sequences. But the best part of the DVD was the thing about Jin and his sword.

Shion: Sure, why not. That is ... if you're not afraid of my dangerous idiot of an older brother pulling his sword on you.
Allen: His uh ... sword?
Tony: That sounds kinda, uh ...

In closing, I want the next DVD in my PANTS RIGHT NOW. And overall, I think they did a really good job with the dub. \o/

4) One of the guys who helped clean out the area and is helping with catching the kitties -- Mike -- said there is an orange tabby down there too, that he saw ... I LOST COUNT OF HOW MANY ARE DOWN THERE NOW UWAH.
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Tuesday, September 11th, 2007 08:12 am
1) GIP because Gaignun is a studmuffin. And this was one of the like... TWO panels in the anime that he looks good in. XD;

2) More Xenosaga anthologies and the ODM in the mail yesterday! Here are some scans from the ODM and one of the anthologies:

Official Design Materials
- Jr. swimsuit colored art.
- Old Gaignun concept art. I LOL'D.
- Old Elsa Crew concept art.
- Old Shion concept art.
- Old KOS-MOS and Ziggy concept art. Wow, Ziggy.
- The intro page to the URTV section. It... kind of creeps me out.

This anthology was awesome, because yes, they are fancomics. But this one also had a section with a bunch of the official art from Episode II! And then an interview with the three female lead seiyuu, a few pages of line-art, the Encyclopedia, and a page that focused on Freaks and Pied Piper. So I found that a real steal for $7.

- Pretty good quality scan from a Pied Piper image.
- The cover.
- Jr., Sakura and MOMO illustration.
- The cutest Jr./Sakura illustration ever.
- Four page comic about Gaignun, Albedo and Jr.: emo Gaignun and mean mean Albedo. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4
- Rubedo/Sakura music playing. SO. CUTE. Just a random page from one of the comics.
- Oh, Albedo.

And there was one long comic in here about Gaignun and Jr. that I loved so I scanned the whole thing to show someone. It's so emo, then it gets so CUTE with handholding and the last page is just ... RAUGH back to emo. I have the scans here: Fact and True (page 15 is the cutest omg ;.;)

3) My planned nap has been postponed. I am going to go somewhere today as it is, but because of mom needing to go in to work early, I have to get something sent out for her overnight, so she's like "go to the post office THE MOMENT IT OPENS TO MAKE SURE THE OVERNIGHT DELIVERY GETS IT!" But the post office doesn't open for a little bit, yet, so I am luuurking. And need to make a phonecall or two before I head out to make sure I don't go somewhere for nothing. XD;

4) Did I mention? There are FIVE cats out back. The three young ones, the one we thought was the mother ... and then another one showed up! They caught the three little ones I think, to spay/neuter them and put them back so they don't breed and we don't get more. They apparently caught the mother too, and, haha, she's pregnant! But thankfully we know this now, so the to-be-born kittens will be able to be caught early early on, and sent to homes. ♥

5) Annual obligatory 9/11 recollection since I do this every year. )
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Thursday, September 6th, 2007 08:30 pm
So! Yes! Domains are back, other stuff, etc, etc...

I recieved my Xenosaga III Official Complete Guide in the mail today!, and went through for some quick random scans, as I'm going to go back later for better ones and... once I actually register a new domain. ^_^

Firstly, the [cover] and a [special small thing in the book] with chibi T-elos and KOS-MOS and her 4 versions.

There were a couple of small battle graphic renders of some of the characters, [T-elos], [Citrine] and [Dmitri + Omega].

Random in-battle graphics of [Jr. and Citrine]. And I had to scan in the [penis Gnosis] in multiple colors! Also [naked Nephilim].

And I scanned a couple of Jin color art for [livejournal.com profile] tinaeu, [gay gay waving] and [swimsuit art]. Oh Jin.

And then there was some special crack stuff toward the back of the book, like [this], featuring Jin's canon loincloth. But the BEST THING IN THE WHOLE BOOK had to be this two page comic using in-game graphics about Ziggy's swimsuit, which is the most hilarious yet horrifying thing ever. [Page 1] and [page 2].

And there were slightly better images from Pied Piper, eight in all! [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8].

And finally, the reason I actually got the book, [ADORABLE GROUP CHIBI IMAGE].