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Thursday, November 5th, 2009 12:18 am

Was on the way home from the movie premiere, walking down Broadway. CHECKING OUT BAR WINDOWS TRYING TO SEE THE SCORE.

Noticed the huge ass TV in the heart of Times Square broadcasting it. Remembered one year ago tonight the election was being broadcasted and thus was packed. Sort of went OH DUH.

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Thursday, October 1st, 2009 03:23 am
Today I went to the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition a couple of blocks up from home at the Discovery place near Broadway. It was very nice! They had a LOT of things on display, some of it was very personal, too. They noted which passenger said items belonged to, told a little bit of their story. They had one of the huge lifeboat cranes, one of the phones from the crow's-nest, things like the rivets that kept the ship together, and so much more. I think my absolutely favorite part of it was the room with the reconstruction of the Grand Staircase, though. ♥ I wish SO HARD that they allowed pictures, if only for that one room alone. They did, technically, but it was one of those they take you in front of it and then you can buy it after you're done. It was a whole room with a little description of it, but nothing else really but the whole thing, glass-domed ceiling and all.

I wound up getting something from the shop though, "882 1/2 amazing answers to your questions about the Titanic." They had little ice-berg and Titanic shaped ice cube trays which were just kind of horrible if you think about it. The book I got was $10, which wasn't really bad actually, compared to a lot of the other prices of things there.

So yeah, I had a lot of fun and it was well worth a visit for me. ♥ I have a couple of pictures of the outside and the model they have on display. So I'll post them. But I also wanna post a bunch of figure whoring I did when I was trying out the settings on my new camera. I was bored, and want to do a day in the life of me picspam post one day to break it in in different places/environments.

Pics from today, as well as a LOT of figure picspam. )
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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 05:46 pm
Today I went to get a new winter jacket. As I have had the old one for ... years. And thus the down isn't even all there anymore so it's not doing its job. Woot being ghetto. Anyway after that, I dropped by the nearby Best Buy to look around, and saw the camera I had my eye on for cheaper than it was online. So obviously I got it. And then took some pics!

A few tests as I tweaked with settings and the auto and stuff. )

In other news I ... should have maybe asked this sooner. But is anybody going to NYAF on Friday? I am, but really only checking out dealers room and catching a couple of panels (namely the DisorgXIII ones) between work, since I'm not taking off.

On a similar note, if anybody is interested. I have been interested in going for a while, and finally got my ticket today after passing the place like 4 times and seeing that huge, gorgeous model in the window. Next Wednesday I am catching the 2:00 exhibit for the Titanic Artifact Exhibition, if anybody wants to come with. I picked up a flyer on the way home, and once I read reconstructions of the cabins and the grand staircase, I was like wtf why haven't I already GONE to this it is literally on my block but up near Broadway.
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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 03:42 pm
Sob I love these RE Twitters more than I should, they are so amusing.

Also re: my last post and the comments to it makes me think Leon is retweeting Steve because he has a crush.

RE5 PC comes out soon! I am SO excited for it. And cannot wait to not only play, but use sexy color mods and see what else people come up with. I'll be able to take screencaps! And make icons! Baby's first console -> PC game. ;o;b I am excited. I am also really interested in the new No Mercy mode for Mercenaries. 30+ Majini on screen at a time? Oho raep.

I also love the new CV section on the Darkside Chronicles site, and the short trailer for the new chapter in the game and fffff!! November cannot come soon enough.

This afternoon I went to the bank to get a secure credit card. Since I have like no credit for a normal CC and nobody is really giving them out easily these days. So having this for a few months PLUS my phone payments will hopefully start to pay off soon to get a real CC. Which you know, credit is GOOD! Even though I am just :|a about credit cards because I will just probably. Hide it away somewhere and only use it for things I would really NEED. Like a new fridge. And a new stove.
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Friday, July 10th, 2009 01:39 am

All of my layouts are so tiny on it, what is this. D: I-is that how they always looked to other people because oh my gosh.

Of course my transfer cable doesn't work, because my old computer does not have enough RAM to run it. >_>; I have a 1GB chip and a USB port that I use for my R4, so I am transferring things slowly with that. Which is all good, but ... still. Lame, I need to sell this cable now since I can't even use it.

The speakers were oddly my biggest surprise. I had a left and right speaker, and was like "... why is this box so big then?" There is a huge huge sub speaker thing included with it.

NOW I NEED TO GET PROGRAMS AND STUFF AGAIN ... like PSP and PS and ... everything ever ... sob!! This will be fun.
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Thursday, June 25th, 2009 08:57 pm
Posted a bunch of DSC stuff in [livejournal.com profile] sonnentreppe! With a general "RAMBLE" question. Come and join if you haven't yet and leave a comment! I need to go affiliate searchin' this week sometime.

At work there was another cougar joke. Before work I went to a wake with mom for one of her friends, John, that I knew well enough. Found out his daughter was the new sub we've been seeing a lot of at our theater. I had no idea, orz.

That wake on top of Ed McMahon, Farrah, then MJ. :(
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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 02:53 pm
Okay so other than this possibly death cough I have had all week (it is not a cold I have no idea what it is other than random coughing at random intervals (like right now I am fine). Last night at work I had a crazy coughing fit from some tickle THING or something in my throat and could not stop orz. Right in the middle of the show. I had to run upstairs to get water to try and calm it down).

Today we stopped at the Salvation Army because mom was there last week, and found this entertainment center for the TV/games as well as a bunch of computer chairs. We went, and they had this one chair ... it was like the dream chair I was looking for and in great condition. High back, fake leather, cushy, only slightly worn (unlike the one we had, which has the back all torn and shredded thanks to a certain cuddlebutt cat). First it was $20, then when the guy came back about it, he said it was $15. I was just oh my God HELL YES rolling it home right from here please.

But the entertainment center mom was talking about I did not like. I did however love this other one that was in great condition and cheaper than the first. Also it was just what I was keeping an eye out for and had no luck finding other than over 9000 dollars. So I said okay you know what, DEBIT CARD. Buying this bitch now while I can since IT IS PERFECT. Delivery for it is in about two weeks. I am quite pleased with these two amazing finds since I've been looking for both of these things for a long time. And they were a lot cheaper than what they usually go for, and seemingly hardly used. Loving the chair so much right now.
Sunday, March 8th, 2009 07:13 pm
And don't anybody dare try to deny their obvious BFFLness. Durp durp.

Today I took a walk down to 34th street. Mostly to check out the GameStop and see if they were still taking pre-orders for the RE5 Collector's Edition. But I stopped at Old Navy on the way and quickly browsed, I need to get warmer weather clothes. I need to harass people into shopping with me to help pick out things. Once I get money and get back to work of course.

So anyway, GameStop visit went well and I pre-ordered it there! Now I need to cancel the online order. Because a bunch of stores are doing midnight releases on Thursday night from 10 - midnight and I LOVE midnight releases. I went to Harry Potter ones before. 8D So yes, I am excited for it! Double my luck though, I found used (but with with boxes and booklets intact) copies of Code Veronica X, which I quickly snatched up because I had somehow lost the one I had. So my collection is all back to normal, again! \o/

Apparently I can't cancel the order now because it's already been packaged. O-OOPS. Well, when I get the second copy in the mail I'll either see about sending it back/returning it. :|b I THINK THINGS THROUGH WELL, DON'T I.

Then on the way home I passed Taco Bell and White Castle and I can't ever pass those places without buying something.

FFFFFFF less than a week aaaaaahhhhhh!!
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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 02:21 pm
THANK YOU GOD. According to the lady on the phone, everything with the phonecalls and the Stuff I had to take care of was taken care of. I just have to have someone come by and give me my stuff back as I give him his papers and stuff back. So phew, one less thing to want to scream like a little bitch and punch dicks about.

In other news, RE5 was leaked the other day, apparently. Thankfully everybody is cool about spoilers, since I'm still going on my merry way with no problems. o/ People rule. And anybody on my flist who watched the live streams/videos being tossed around, I hope you had fun and liked it! I cannot wait to squee with you, as tempting as the temptation is to go watch the videos. >D But I can hold out. (I HAVE SELF CONTROL, SEE) And my OST was shipped out as well, so I should be getting that soon, yay! I really can't wait for it, some of the tracks seem so epic.

Also Looooost is on tonight~ What do I predict? Lots of "OMG" and "WHAT" and "is it next Wednesday yet :("
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Sunday, March 1st, 2009 01:35 am
Today was an odd day all around. Cue one stupid fucking mistake on my end because I am not informed of things about my life. tl;dr version I have life insurance through my dad and his union, he may have mentioned this to me before, but it was not enough where I was actively aware of this. Like when, say, I have insurance type things through my union which are all good and dandy but when they talk about life insurance to me I do not remember being told this by my dad. So now I have shit to cancel before I wind up paying anything a month for something I have already. When I am going to soon have to pay close to $100 a month for the loan I am taking out next week if I am approved for it (which isn't bad on its own, but yes). I am so goddamned stupid. In my defense, I was not thoroughly told about this, so I have to ask dad to come over after work to, you know, read up about this and if it's Term or not and all this other stuff. Sob.

Anyway, I opened up a savings account at my bank today, am getting a new checkbook since I need one, dragged mom to the pet place to keep her reminded of the adorableness that is a kitten. And we got a MagicJack so we could finally have an affordable phone line that is not pay as you go expensive crap which is why we are so poor. Only it sucks and we are taking it back and Vonage sounds a lot better to have. At least we have a phone ready for it. We are going to Best Buy tomorrow about the Vonage router ... thing. Sob I hate how phonelines are all through your computer now. At least the ones with affordable prices. :\

Basically today was a lot of us going to do a lot of cool and money-saving things which feels good to do because you are getting things done and being all responsible, and all of it winding up NOT GOING RIGHT AT ALL BECAUSE I AM A FAILURE AT LIFE!

Evening was a memorial mass at the chuch where I used to babysit Ayla. It was for an old close family friend of ours. The priest is still there, which is awesome because I always remembered liking him back when I used to chill with Ayla in the rectory. He is such a nice and funny guy, he even made the mass enjoyable with a couple of lulz. I asked him how everybody was and they don't see much of Joy anymore because of another job. But Ayla is adorable and we want to call them sometime again. God Ayla much be around ... five, now? I FEEL OLD SOB.

After that we had a rented out upstairs place with a bar and food and all just kind of chilled. I had ... five or six? Glasses of sex on the beach. orz It was nice, though, and we had a lot of fun. Though when we got home... Me + the drinks + Cody and his eardrops = HILARITY.

And now I'm so tired. I also just feel so gjdsklfjslf but am telling myself to grow a backbone and stop keyboard smashing you puss! I have to uninstall the MagicJack tomorrow before we return it and ... call dad and other stuff before we go do errands. Sob hopefully I can get everything that failed fixed by Tuesday at the latest. GO TARA GO.
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Friday, February 13th, 2009 04:15 am
Firstly, Resident Evil Retrospective 2!! Featuring RE2 and RE3. Aaaah I love these videos so much. NEMESIS. ♥ On the Resident Evil front, THIA forums also apparently have huge, HUGE spoilers. Huger than those ones I last posted, I would think. Recently in ... I think it was California? There was a special event where people got to play through some of the game. I didn't read the spoilers, so please don't comment here with them! But if you're curious about them and want to see, they are over there for all. With RE5 getting closer, I want to back off now and wait to play it. :3 The stuff I read already was enough to pump me up. ONLY ABOUT A MONTH GUYS AAAH.

There's also a new Kijuju blog update~


My favorite comment to that video is the "do my ass chris, please"

I ... also want to post about other stuff but fail at getting things typed up. Mainly Lost stuff. Does "AAAAH" "OH MY GOD" "HOLY SHIT" "FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKK" "sdkljfklsjfkls" and "WHAT?!" sum it up enough? Cause that is basically me every week. I am never going to pick apart the eps at this rate since there have been 5 already. XD MY BACKLOG, SOB. But holy balls I love this show so much.

The other day I went to get my social security fixed. We had known my name was mispelled on it but ... apparently forgot all about it. So when I went to file for my taxes, the problem came up so I was like WHOOPS. It was quick and done with now and everything should be in the green soon. Which I am happy for, because that money = my new computer which I desperately need more and more every day. On that note, another "I am a dumbass!" question: transferring files from one computer to another - easiest way? Is there like, a special USB cord or something I can hook them to each other with and move files or something. ): Just for future reference.

On the way home from that, I stopped in the Amish Market, and holy balls they had MULLIGATAWNY SOUP. Back when I worked in the now much hated food service, I became terribly addicted to the stuff. It is DELICIOUS and FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I screamed, I got some. I want more already. I hope they have it there often.

And today! I met up with [livejournal.com profile] anatari, [livejournal.com profile] brittyone and [livejournal.com profile] advil and we had so much fun. We went clothes shopping - I got stuff! I was amazed at myself. I fail so hard at buying clothes. We went to a Maid Cafe and nnnnnngh. The way the inside of that place smelled, I was in heaven. It was so hypnotic and I wanted to sit in there all day and get high. The tea was amazing. We went to [livejournal.com profile] advil's after that and hobo'd around for a while, put on makeup and touched people on IRC. I also got a lion. \o/

There was a yard and this BIG LION DOLL IN A TREE. And I was like omg it is so cute I want it! When we were walking back to go home, we passed it again, and once again I was like aaaah I want it! ... so Jae and Pell take it out of the tree, and the guy in the house comes out to let his dog in. And they are like "CAN WE HAVE THIS" and ... the guy said yes. SO NOW I OWN A REALLY LARGE, ADROABLE LION DOLL. Pell took a picture of me with it. \o/ We went for bubble tea after that and then headed home. I had a super time, and I cannot wait for the next meetup!
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Monday, January 19th, 2009 06:40 pm
So, I am 23 what the penis!! Birthday was so much fun, I went out to Brooklyn for another CFUD meetup. And I love everybody there so much. Cuddlepiles and Pell's feet/my ass is an OTP. We watched the Dark Knight, had a cake with candles as straight as Yzak. I love Kentity hang-outs so much. ♥ Everybody is amazing.

It's also been snowing since last night, which makes me :D! I love snow, it's so pretty in the sky and on the ground BEFORE the cars and city-atmosphere kill it.

There was also another protest Saturday, which like always, FUN AS HELL. Morale was up because uh - well there was always a dream for something called Operation SlickPubes, which is what it might sound like. One of our NYC protestors went through with it in freezing weather. Shirtless, vasolined, covered in donated pubes and running inside, also apparently humping a bookstack, according to the video. It was sort of ... amazing and when I read about it I was like oh god. And it had to be us NYCers who went through with it, why am I not surprised.

Also, remember when I mentioned the issue to my Degeneration Blu-Ray? Basically, they sent it, we never got it so I e-mailed amazon and they sent me a second copy for free. Which I was so appreciative for. But uh. Yesterday, the original one showed up in front of our door! It was SUNDAY, mind - mail is not delivered on Sundays. AND it wasn't in a box or anything, so we are just kind of boggling because he seems like someone took it, opened it and ... kept it for a while? I had left a note downstairs but never heard from anybody, so. The Blu-Ray itself isn't opened, but it wasn't in a box anymore. So we just find it ... really weird and concerning. I e-mailed amazon back though to see if I can send the other one back. Since after they were so nice I don't want to take advantage of that since I didn't even expect them to send me a second copy like that.

And tomorrow is Obama's Inauguration! I am so, so excited and need to figure out what I am doing. I have pending possible plans to watch it with my cousin. Things start at 8am and the main thing kicks off at 10. But they are also setting up streaming screens and stuff in Times Square so people can all go up there to celebrate. Which I am tempted to go to whether alone or with the cousin once I get in touch with him. I am so excited!

And in Resident Evil news, new stuff as usual! The Kijuju blog updated again, and the spoiler free version is there was a name revealed, finally.

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 06:08 am
It has been a fun week and will continue to be until about next Tuesday! I've been going to [livejournal.com profile] brittyone's because we're watching Den-O/Kiva and SEED together. There is touching as this happens. As well as me crying over Seki Toshihiko talking about climaxing because I hear the voice and I picture Klueze saying it. IT HURTS ME IN MY SOUL.

Thursday or Friday (or both, maybe?) I am going to hang with Joseph and whoever else he calls who is free and we are gonna maybe do his house as well as either Tad's or Tad's old hostel. I ENVISION ASS GRABBING AND OTHER FUN TIMES.

Saturday morning/early afternoon is another protest! And Saturday night/Sunday is a Kentity meetup (as well as MAH BIRFDAY) where we will has a [livejournal.com profile] shiny_karu for me to Yzakgrump at. I am going to be touched a lot apparently, and offered bagelsex since um I am now a CFUD mod omfg!!150! Bagelmod to be specific sob you guys. I am excited and dkljfkls and omg. I am still boggling.

I have no idea what the hell is up on Monday but Tuesday is Obama's Inauguration and I know we are doing something then at Joseph's. So yes, I am excited. And trying to do things since I am lacking of things to do because of no work. It is a pretty lame feeling! :( And funny when you compare it to school getting out for the summer. "School's over! I'm free!" as opposed to "Work's over! I'm fucked."

Cody has been acting differently, too. He has been a lot more attentive to my mom (much to her joy. "HE WAKES ME UP AT 6AM MEOWING IN MY FACE OR LAYING ON ME ALL MORNING" I love my kitty. :D) who is noticing this and thinking he feels bad for her lack of furryfriend. Either that or he is showing that he is now ruler of our house. Or maybe both, knowing his mood-swinging ass. He's also, upon seeing a bit of bunched up blanket when my mom is sleeping or resting, pouncing it and then going "??" because he's used to the dog always being there. :( (he enjoyed playing "I AM THE TIGER AND YOU ARE MY PREY" with him)

And orz. My second copy of Degeneration from amazon finally got here. I had never gotten the first one, and the tracking claimed it to be delivered. When I emailed amazon about it, they sent me another one right away for no additional charge. I was surprised! And very happy. Except for not being able to read the trivia or small text - how fucking big do TVs need to be for that?! We don't have an HD but usually that's not a problem. So I am like wtf lame. :( I did love the bloopers though, Claire's RAGE being the best. And of course anything with ♥Frederic♥.

And I cannot sleep, and considering it's almost 7 and my plans for me and mom today start at 9 I am going to need a caffeine boost later. And hopefully drop early tomorrow night to get back on track somewhat. But either way, I am pumped for these plans! I get the oddest urges at the oddest times for things. Like "WE NEED TO GO BUY ONE OF THESE NOW."

And omg the Kijuju blog updated again. ADAM IS MY DREAM MAN.
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Saturday, January 10th, 2009 05:51 pm
Once again we had so much fun last night. Wound up leaving earlier but walking around the city for a while, I think I got home at 6am. There was also stuff, but despite my initial feeling of csdkjfls I. Am happy and can say I like myself a lot for being me. In all of my retarded glory. I am probably going over there AGAIN tonight though I am not pulling another 6am. Not when there are lolis to touch tomorrow. :D

Also, have an RP meme.

I dunno what else there is to post about! Boring post is boring.
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Friday, January 9th, 2009 04:16 pm
Resident Evil, never stop being your badass self.

It's not so much the new info-type site I loved even though I loved Chris's Hurpy Durpy ID card. And that his signature looks like Chris Redfruld. CHRIS CAN SPELL GUD.

It's this Kijuju blog and by God the userpic of the guy speaks for itself. Resident Evil takes itself so super serial. I would marry Adam. If he is not in a cameo or something in the game I will cry. THIS IS WHY EVERYBODY NEEDS TO GET INTO THIS AMAZING SERIES. (I need to finish updating my pimp post on Carlos's journal this week)


And now one translations from the first site and some talk about the blog. )

In other news, last night I went to Joseph's and we had a bunch of people over. It was so much fun and I didn't get home until ... like 6:40am - and we didn't even have any drinks there really, we just chilled out and acted like special snowflakes. Of course that killed me, sleep-wise so I missed out on going downtown earlier today, but Jennifer is coming over tonight, I think, as well as everyone from last night so I look forward to another night like that again. \o\
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Saturday, December 27th, 2008 12:48 am
Matinee today was insane. As in, tantrum throwing screaming child insane. That is sort of an understatement for what this kid was. I don't even know why he started screaming and crying, but it was in the middle of the show, and I think the dad wound up looking bad to everybody because he had to carry and drag the kid out of the seat and aisle and somewhere ... not where people were sitting and the show was going on. Because said tantrum throwing kid got worse when this happened and started screaming "NO NO DAD NO." (goofy time?) But I actually really ... understood that the man didn't want to disturb anybody since the kid was ALREADY freaking the hell out and screaming, so there wasn't much he could really do in the situation and just wanted to get out of the theater until the kid calmed the fuck down. We could hear him outside too orz. But yeah that was ... special. And of course with my luck, it happened on my side of the theater. XD

The night show can be summed up with this:

KATHY: Brooke Shields looks so different in real life than in all the pictures!
ME: [????] Um? Oh, is she here seeing the show?
KATHY: ... she was on your aisle during seating.
ME: ................. o.

GREAT AT THAT BEING ON TOP OF THINGS THING. And also some person from The Wire was there too and Elona got his autograph and geeked at all of us later.

Obligatory wai wai Ace, and omg cute sound guy comment.

In between shows I ... who is clearly a winner and decided to go shopping to get Emma's doll TODAY OF ALL DAYS, went to Times Square. With all of these after Christmas sales and shit and SOB. First I went to Vurgin Records because Kimmy said they were selling usually $35 memory things for cameras for $8. Hilariously, I forgot that my camera takes a different card so have to return it. AREN'T I THE GENIUS? Then I went to Toys R Us and oh my god words cannot describe how crowded it was. But I prevailed and got a cute soft doll for her. :3 I was once again going to get a PS3 while I was there, but they ONCE AGAIN didn't have the game I wanted with it (Sonic Unleashed) so put it off again. XD Maybe on the way either to or from Heather's tomorrow I will ask dad if we can stop in the TRU near him. If not me and mom are going to be out on Sunday to see grandpa so after that I will swing on by somewhere. Or just get Sonic from Virgin.

So today was just fail-like and/or featured me failing in general. I need to sleep because I am hopping on the 10:10 bus out to dad's. Wooooo cannot wait!
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Thursday, December 25th, 2008 11:06 pm
- It is Christmas! Merry Christmas everybody, I hope it was a good one.
- Mom came up to cousin's house with me. Aunt and Uncle were there too - we cooked, ate, opened presents.
- Presents!
- Work!

And that is the end of the meme. :3

But yes, last night I went to Joseph's again and ... wound up coming home at like 5am. Armando and Sophia came over too, we had a load of fun as usual. Since we were up so late, it was not surprising that we didn't wake up at 10:30 like we wanted to. XD We are lazy fucks. But we did get there around noon, and mom came with me. I am currently wrapped up in all of my presents. Footsocks, slippers, new flannel PJs, a soft soft soft dfkljskljfskl omg feels so nice robe, and the also omgdvjhkld feels so good blanket.

So we chilled, and almost all of us had to work at different times today. So I left at around 4:30. Work was fun, I got cookies for everyone there, and one of the stagehands got me a card. :D! I was on though, a-a-and because the schedules are weird this week, that means I was on tonight, and we are having two shows tomorrow that I am working ... sob I am late for both of them. I am so going to sleep very soon because the last few days have been busyfun and I need to get a little extra for what I've missed. XD
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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 10:15 pm
- Went shopping with Joseph and partly mom. FUN TIMES.
- Work. |D
- White Christmas is on TV!

So yeah, I was to meet up with Joseph to go shopping as planned, and my mom who needed to go to the same stores as us decided to wait until we left and walk with us. It was fun, and we split up in K-Mart. I got Joseph more plates because he needs those, as well as a bunch of utensils. Then we went to Old Navy and I got him a hat and gloves. He got me a pair of pants that I liked. We saw mom in Old Navy on line at one point, with my present that she tried to hide like a winner - I already knew what she was getting me. XD I also got Kegal some soap that smelled gooooooooood.

Then we went to Borders and he also got me Tales of Beedle the Bard by JK Rowling, which he's going to read through at work tonight since he has a lot of free time at work. Tomorrow when I go up there for dinner we're going to actually give the stuff to each other. XD I also got my mom the same blanket she got me. Old Navy had their fleece blankets on sale for #3 each which was GOOD. Joseph got a few for other people. But there was this other kind of blanket that felt so much warmer and nicer and softer and I have no idea wtf it's made out of but I FELL SO MUCH IN LOVE WITH IT AND WANTED TO GET NAKED AND ROLL AROUND IN ONE even though it costs a little more. She liked it more too and they had it in lighter blue which she said she prefered, since I had a fleece one in dark blue for her, originally. So when me and Joseph were on line I went "... k hang on I'm gonna get her the nicer one instead. :3"

E-except dad was coming in and we tried to get back in time but we didn't and orz now we feel so bad that we made him wait. XD; But he is coming over tomorrow again.

And now I need to find the 2006 White Christmas album before it's too late. I will top the torrents and find it this time!! (i hope)
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Sunday, December 21st, 2008 10:02 pm
- Getting work!
- Being invited to ... yet another party thing between both shows! FREE FOOD YAY.

Well, first let me repeat this. When we work matinees, we have to be there by 1PM, which means I have to leave at around 12:40. Then we hang, do inserts if we have them and get ready until 1:30. Then we seat people until 2. There've been a couple of times I've been called at like, 12:40, 12:50 at the last minute as an emergency-- "it's okay as long as you get here by 1:30." It's good for me, I am quick to get ready and live close enough to get there on time. Kimmy calls me at 12:55 asking if I could work that night, I am all woo! And settle in to hang out until then.

1:15 I get a second fucking call.


"......... I WILL TRY."

So I have 15 minutes to GET DRESSED AND HAUL MY ASS OVER THERE. I RAN. And made it like 1 minute before we opened. I FUCKING RULE. But oh God I was so dead from running. And was let home early. XD

After that I went back to the theater after it ended, which gave us about an hour and a half before having to be in again since Sunday night is an early show, because in between we had the party. So much fooood and deliciousness and it was a bunch of actors AND stagehands AND ushers and it is not too big back near the bar. XD SO WE WERE CROWDED and on the stairs and in the seats in the orchestra and just all over the place. And Aaaaaaaaaaaaaace was there ohohoho. And we are having something else just like it again next Saturday, so double yay for that. Many parties and free food, I approve.

Am working on Christmas (The Brooks is having a show on Christmas wtf. But it's not like I am doing anything, so whatevs. Plus time and a half = ♥. We are doing something at Joseph's for Christmas Eve, tho o/) Also Tuesday. I dunno about Weds yet, but Lulu wants me to work at the Marquis tomorrow (which is usually no show day) because they are having a special show to make up for not having one on Christmas. Am thinking that over because if I get called on Weds then sob I will get no breaks. Even though I am freeing myself up Saturday because me and dad are going to Heather's for my niece's birthday party.

And Tuesday me and Joseph are going to Old Navy together to get each other Christmas presents. I am getting him a hat and scarf and probably silverware because they don't have a lot up there (Armando ate with chopsticks Joseph had the other night. XD Kristin ate with like ... idk what the hell it was BUT NOT AN EATING UTENSIL) And he is getting me ... whatever I try out and want there, I guess. XD That's why we're going together, since sizes are weird with me and I am also super picky sometimes so was like IDUNNO WHAT I WAAAAAAANT.

Yeah this is boring. I post about work too much.
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Sunday, December 21st, 2008 12:22 am
Yeah, last night after work, I went up to Joseph's house because he called and was having some people over like usual. It was so much fun. Sophia, Kristen and Armando were there. Kegal made DELICIOUS FOOD AS USUAL and made us his bitches to teach us while helping him cook for a few minutes. We had chicken and stir-fried rice, onions and veggies. *__* And some left over rice and lentils after we ran out of that. Joseph also has internet again so that resulted in hilarity and video watching, FaceBook shenanigans and other stuff. Insert booze and hilarious talking and storytelling, I was going to leave at midnight or 1 at the latest, wound up staying until 4. XD I left my umbrella there like a winner, though. GO ME.

Umbrella that I didn't even use. I love the snow so much so I just sort of walked in it all the way there.

And for today, first the meme.

- At work today (at Grease in the afternoon), they talked about a party thing, so after we directed the patrons out of the theater at the end, Susan came up with these papers. Apparently the manager of the Subway near the theater wanted to randomly throw a party for us, as thanks for helping their service with all the people leaving the theater every night. So that was sweet of him.

- Light pretty snow when I walked home from work (at White Christmas at night).

I did almost slip and break my ass on the ice on the way to work, though. I AM USUALLY GOOD WITH ... NOT. DOING THAT. But holy shit it was so slippery.

As for the party, it was fun and I got to sit around and talk with some of the other ushers. Sadly, Ace did not go. (that may or may not have been the reason I went. I WILL LET YOU DECIDE WHICH IS THE CASE) So hell yeah, free footlong meatball marinara for me, bitch! The actors were dancing and stuff in the place, cause the guys at Subway put on Grease music-- I'M SURE WE ALL WANTED TO HEAR IT MORE, WHAT WITH USHERS SEEING THE SHOW 8 TIMES A WEEK AND THE ACTORS HAVING TO SING IT 8 TIMES A WEEK. XD They gave them a poster of the show with everybody's signatures as thanks back for it. It was fun!

And now a couple of pictures that were on my camera from this week. )