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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 04:37 pm
I pass the Milford Plaza to and from work every day.

I am waiting with bated lols for that O to burn out.
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Monday, September 28th, 2009 04:45 pm
Okay guys, so I lied recently.

When I said "tweaking with the settings" on my new camera, I really meant "trying to see if any settings looked good because I am really not liking the quality of this and may bring it back if I can't get anything better than this." The overall quality while not too bad, wasn't nice to me (it was grainy when zoomed to full size) and the colors were a little washed out on it.

So I took it back today and got a Samsung brand instead, after talking to a couple of the workers at Best Buy about the brands and stuff. And while it's charging now I took a test pic and uploaded it to the computer and it looks a LOT nicer already. So woot. But I cannot putz with it since I just got home and have to start getting ready for work (namely, eating first). But yay, at least that worked out, despite the hurdle.

And a repimp, check the post before this one for hot, scantily clad men in the most glorious thing to ever exist.

Oh yeah and here is that icon meme!

\o\ \o/ /o/ )
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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 05:46 pm
Today I went to get a new winter jacket. As I have had the old one for ... years. And thus the down isn't even all there anymore so it's not doing its job. Woot being ghetto. Anyway after that, I dropped by the nearby Best Buy to look around, and saw the camera I had my eye on for cheaper than it was online. So obviously I got it. And then took some pics!

A few tests as I tweaked with settings and the auto and stuff. )

In other news I ... should have maybe asked this sooner. But is anybody going to NYAF on Friday? I am, but really only checking out dealers room and catching a couple of panels (namely the DisorgXIII ones) between work, since I'm not taking off.

On a similar note, if anybody is interested. I have been interested in going for a while, and finally got my ticket today after passing the place like 4 times and seeing that huge, gorgeous model in the window. Next Wednesday I am catching the 2:00 exhibit for the Titanic Artifact Exhibition, if anybody wants to come with. I picked up a flyer on the way home, and once I read reconstructions of the cabins and the grand staircase, I was like wtf why haven't I already GONE to this it is literally on my block but up near Broadway.
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Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 03:42 pm
Sob I love these RE Twitters more than I should, they are so amusing.

Also re: my last post and the comments to it makes me think Leon is retweeting Steve because he has a crush.

RE5 PC comes out soon! I am SO excited for it. And cannot wait to not only play, but use sexy color mods and see what else people come up with. I'll be able to take screencaps! And make icons! Baby's first console -> PC game. ;o;b I am excited. I am also really interested in the new No Mercy mode for Mercenaries. 30+ Majini on screen at a time? Oho raep.

I also love the new CV section on the Darkside Chronicles site, and the short trailer for the new chapter in the game and fffff!! November cannot come soon enough.

This afternoon I went to the bank to get a secure credit card. Since I have like no credit for a normal CC and nobody is really giving them out easily these days. So having this for a few months PLUS my phone payments will hopefully start to pay off soon to get a real CC. Which you know, credit is GOOD! Even though I am just :|a about credit cards because I will just probably. Hide it away somewhere and only use it for things I would really NEED. Like a new fridge. And a new stove.
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Thursday, August 6th, 2009 06:21 pm
Because I am a giant SEED whore.


^ You all want to go app. LOOK AT ALL THE ICONS YOU'LL GET! I always love Dearka's, but really, Shiho and Isaac's I really love a lot for some reason. I need to finish Isaac's, too.

Also app Ziggy so [livejournal.com profile] lacus can love you for all eternity.

I started WoW a couple of days ago. o/ Am liking it so far! I am such a skank though, I want all the mounts and pets because they are all so cool/adorable! THAT IS ALL I CARE ABOUT.
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Friday, June 26th, 2009 03:03 am
Help me Obi-Wan-Friendslist. And by help me I mean possibly laugh at my retardedness and then help me.

BASICALLY. What I need is someone computer spec-savvy to hold my hand when I send them a customized HP desktop bundle that I will probably go through and get after said hand holding (if it's positive).

Basically what I want to know upon sending them said config is if it will be fly with say, playing a game like WoW or running a PS1 emulator smoothly. And programs like PSP, PS or video editing programs, flash games, stuff like that. And if the processor and whatnot is generally good/if there's something they'd rec I change for any huge reason.

Because I've had this Compaq for well over 6 years so my knowledge on the new and shiny is ... not there at all, especially concerning capabilities. So really all and in all, this post could very well be "haha Tara you dumb bitch of course [obvious answer goes here]" worthy. Which I am down with, as long as I get my answer.
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Thursday, June 25th, 2009 08:57 pm
Posted a bunch of DSC stuff in [livejournal.com profile] sonnentreppe! With a general "RAMBLE" question. Come and join if you haven't yet and leave a comment! I need to go affiliate searchin' this week sometime.

At work there was another cougar joke. Before work I went to a wake with mom for one of her friends, John, that I knew well enough. Found out his daughter was the new sub we've been seeing a lot of at our theater. I had no idea, orz.

That wake on top of Ed McMahon, Farrah, then MJ. :(
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Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 02:53 pm
Okay so other than this possibly death cough I have had all week (it is not a cold I have no idea what it is other than random coughing at random intervals (like right now I am fine). Last night at work I had a crazy coughing fit from some tickle THING or something in my throat and could not stop orz. Right in the middle of the show. I had to run upstairs to get water to try and calm it down).

Today we stopped at the Salvation Army because mom was there last week, and found this entertainment center for the TV/games as well as a bunch of computer chairs. We went, and they had this one chair ... it was like the dream chair I was looking for and in great condition. High back, fake leather, cushy, only slightly worn (unlike the one we had, which has the back all torn and shredded thanks to a certain cuddlebutt cat). First it was $20, then when the guy came back about it, he said it was $15. I was just oh my God HELL YES rolling it home right from here please.

But the entertainment center mom was talking about I did not like. I did however love this other one that was in great condition and cheaper than the first. Also it was just what I was keeping an eye out for and had no luck finding other than over 9000 dollars. So I said okay you know what, DEBIT CARD. Buying this bitch now while I can since IT IS PERFECT. Delivery for it is in about two weeks. I am quite pleased with these two amazing finds since I've been looking for both of these things for a long time. And they were a lot cheaper than what they usually go for, and seemingly hardly used. Loving the chair so much right now.
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Monday, June 15th, 2009 11:57 pm
So this sexy bitch [livejournal.com profile] caffeinic has just informed me that Crispin Freeman is going to be at Otakon, which we are all going to.


I think it does.
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Tuesday, March 10th, 2009 10:51 pm
After a little over 2 years and 75.5 thousand songs later, I made myself a new last.fm account.

I am now at ukescreech, add me! o/
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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008 04:59 pm
Firstly, I loved McCain on SNL last night so much. IT WAS REFRESHING and actually genuinely funny. You could feel that vibe from it, so I lol'd joyously.

What are your plans for election day, friendslist? I am currently not working, I could be called, but. After voting I am going to get free Ben & Jerry's, possibly free Krispy Kreme (if I can be assed to walk to Penn Station) and free Starbucks! They are all over my neighborhood. I am within easy walking distance of four of them so it's like ... HM I WONDER IF I CAN GO TO MORE THAN ONE. I am settling down with all of that and buying myself some milk and mint chocolate Baileys, curl up in a blanket, watch ONTD_p and the news and flail around online with people all night.

Tomorrow I am going shopping for new clothes and might get that haircut I never got way back when. I have no idea why I have these urges for doing this, but. I don't know what to do with my hair, either. I want to get the dead ends cut off, and am like should I get bangs? I don't know if I will look stupid with them or not but every time I look at myself in reflections walking in the street I am just like. AUH IT'S SO PLAIN. But I like plain cause every time I think about I'm like ... but I'll look dumb if I do this with it. I fail.

Now onto work stuff. $16 dollars worth of tips toward Broadway Cares so far! It makes me feel all fuzzy inside. :3 Also yesterday I said goodbye to Dominic when I left, since he was back there with the donation bucket. And then today when he did his audience-fun preshow he waved to me up in the mezz when he came out since he recognized me. XD ON A SOMEWHAT SIMILAR NOTE, during the actual show - today I realized how much the guys look at you. Like. Especially toward the back where we are sitting. IT IS SORT OF AWKWARD. I noticed it today because I was reading an interview where they talked about how when they actually do make eye contact with anybody, especially the audience, they are doing it in-character so want to give it the feel of that character looking at you rather than who is playing them. IT WAS INTERESTING except now when it happens to me I notice it. XD AND I AM AWKWARD.

Yesterday one of the stagehands was hanging out with us before we opened. It was him, me, Brendan, Kimmy, Kathy and Lona. And the conversation was about checking out this one hot chick's ass, where we went into the look but don't touch rule. And the stagehand goes. Haha he looks at Brendan and he goes "WELL SOMETIMES I LOOK AT HIS ASS ;D" and Brendan omg he is just like ". . . . D:"

Today's curtain call was hilarious. Cause someone threw A FROG DOLL ON STAGE for Ace. And they were still doing the whole ending thing where they dance and sing a couple of verses from each song. Except they picked up the doll and they were dancing with it and throwing it to the other cast members. IT WAS SO CUTE.
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Wednesday, September 24th, 2008 06:30 pm
What have I done this week...

Well, me and mom watched the Yankee's game last week - the last one they had in the now-closed Yankee Stadium. Because they had all of these specials and awesome things happening the whole afternoon before that game, and then had a bunch of the older, much loved players come out and stuff. (my mom has a crush on the old first baseman, Tino Martinez) It was fun to watch! If a bit emotional at times. The stadium was awesome and will be missed - for all the two games I've ever went to there. But the new one's going up right across the street. And the new one's going to be awesome because the entrance is going to be modeled after the OLD OLD stadium entrance. The one the very first stadium had, so it's going to look so cool. But yes. I am glad I was home to watch it all, because it was really nice. And of course Ronan Tynan sang during the 7th inning, which made mom orgasm all over. With good reason too, that man can siiing.

In work news! We have a new Thing now. Dominic Fortuna - the guy who plays Vince Fontaine in the show does this pre-show thing now. He comes out about ten minutes before the show starts, sings to the audience, makes them dance and it's interactive and really fun and cute to watch. He pretty much does the same thing every day to the people, but it's never dull because of them. Like the one old lady who wouldn't let go of his hand when he reached it out to her.

Ace is also growing on me. But apparently not as much as ... everyone else I work with. Marie has claimed him as her man (despite her boyfriend working in the theater with us) and he said he'd sign her CD for her. From what I hear from everyone he's a really nice guy. AND LOL TODAY (which was payday, thank you lawd) when we were talking about him. I think ... I forget who, but the convo was like. "Isn't he gay?" and everyone was like ... no? At least we do not think so. And then Kimmy goes "no way, he has a lot of boyfriends-- I MEAN GIRLFRIENDS. Maybe that slip of the tongue means something."

And man, I've seen Matt play so many different parts. He's played Kenickie, Danny, Teen Angel, one of the car dudes. And today he was one of the Hand Jive people. I just boggle at how many things that man must have to memorize.

WHICH REMINDS ME! I LUCKED THE FUCK OUT. The weather's been a little jackety lately. So I go to get my jacket and find ... my audio recorder! That I could not find anywhere. Way to fail, self. BUT ANYWAY that night I had work and I went. There's nothing I really really want, so I shouldn't bring it. I wound up bringing it anyway. And Matt was in for Derek! And I was like YES I AM SO HAPPY I BROUGHT IT WITH ME because like I said, he does that last number so much better. So I recorded that, along with Ace doing Grease Lightning. I still need to upload them to the computer, though.

And today I picked up crickets for Wade and Liz. A-and. Well Wade is a little bigger than Liz. Liz is somewhat on the small side and when I got her I noticed the couple of marks she has on her from ... I don't know what, maybe other Anole's roughhousing and in some cases the crickets bother them. But yeah. I went to feed them, and they both hop down to nom nom and ... they were really close and Wade wound up clamping on Liz's back leg. I could see her spazz out and he let go and she was like D:.

Note that Wade has bit me before. Well, 'bit' being him going into defense mode and opening his mouth and me going "HMMM!" and sticking my finger in his mouth to see how it felt. And for tiny little things, they have quite the bite to them. Wade didn't bite me hard enough to break the skin, but it did leave a mark. And like I said, I could feel that pinch! S-SO POOR LIZ WHO IS TINIER THAN HIM. When I opened the cage to check on her, her leg was bleeding so I freaked and took her out to put her in her little plastic box to make sure it wasn't anything bad. And gave her a small spray to clean it off. ;.; Poor girl.

Otherwise, nothing but the usual, lately. And Stuff, but fuck that Stuff. NYAF is this weekend, and I cannot wait to go! I need to ... find the rest of my cosplay stuff LOL I am so on top of things.

Also, WESKER CONFIRMED FOR RE5! Oh my God YES. I cannot wait until March. Operation save up for a PS3 by then is still underway ... and going shittily slow because of life topping me and me somehow becoming the only person in my family who has ... any sense of anything when it comes to priorities and living and bills and stuff (aside from my cousin). Wtf.
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Thursday, August 28th, 2008 08:54 pm
I rarely ever change my desktop. I went from Yzak & Dearka wallpaper/Winamp, to Jr. wallpaper/Winamp for a while, back to the Yzak & Dearka again. In the span of like ... seriously, forever. Possibly a year and a half to two years. Maybe even more than that. I don't show my desktop icons since they bug me, but I always have Firefox open and it takes up like 80 - 90% of the screen normally anyway. BUT THE POINT IS THAT TODAY I made a new wallpaper and Winamp skin.

BEHOLD!! Sob I am on this RE thing, it is fabulous. I also need more Wesker icons -- five is apparently not enough. Damn the internet for not having good REmake FMVs anywhere because that's where half of them are. :|

And staying on that subject, FRIENDSLIST! Take a screencap of your wallpapers and Winamp skins and show them to me! I want to see what you currently have. ♥

Shifting now, the RP love meme last night made me happy. ;o; Not only cause like the CFUD ones, I got to love on all of those wonderful people and have fun lovepiles with them in the post. But I love driveby loving anyone who RPs the same canons I do. And there was another Yzak there who is so awesome and sdl;fksd;fsdg she said the sweetest thing to me as well and I am a flailing woobie. .///.

I am getting a haircut tomorrow, most likely. Only a few dead-end inches, people tell me sometimes that I should cut it short, but I am too scared to. I never had short hair in my life. XD;

And remember to the people interested, you have a few more days to go and grab this!
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Monday, August 25th, 2008 12:22 am
There was a marathon of all three Lord of the Rings movies, so I watched most of them! Where watched means kind of go and come back every now and then but watch the whole end.

I have never read the books. And I'm not even big on the movies much at all.

But god damn do I ship Frodo and Sam like nobody's business. :( EVERY TIME I WATCH IT I'm like aaah. They should have gotten married at the end, damn it.

And now I want a couple of those OST tracks, so to the torrent-mobile!
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Thursday, August 21st, 2008 04:14 am
Earlier tonight I was hit with "OH MAN, X GAME WAS FUCKING AWESOME. I WANT TO REPLAY IT" syndrome. Only I got it for a bunch of games at once. (By the by, play these games if you have not! I love them all.)

- Phantasy Star IV (Sega Genesis)
- Tecmo: Secret of the Stars (SNES)
- Star Ocean the Second Story (PS)
- Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (PS)
- Legend of Dragoon (PS)

I want to. Play all of these again! I plan to eventually, one at a time. So the end result of my nostalgic geeking wound up to start with (and I have been playing all night sob):

I would like to note that growing up and just playing these games in general, I totally always had boyfriends in them -- fuck I still do because I am just that cool. Hahn is mai hani in this game. ♥ Even though, and I forgot this up until I got her on my force, I always really loved Rika's character design and how she looks. One day I will play another Phantasy Star that is not IV, but IV was the one we used to play so I was like sdklfjaslk I loved it.

On another note, and I mentioned this more on IRC, but hot damn do I love Gilly. I'm only two episodes in (thanks to the video games taking over I am such a whore) and already it's like aaah. He is just so smug, all "Alex. No, ATHRUN ZALA. :)!!!!"

And with more random subject jumping, I left my Last Exile goat doll in my bed. ... and a couple of hours ago, I hear Cody doing his "I have something in my mouth" meow -- that he does when he catches mice (which he hasn't in forever) and when he STEALS DOLLS because I have a bunch of them where the mattress of my old loft bed used to be (since I haven't slept there in ages now, I sleep in the other bedroom) that he always drags out of bed like a predator. Little adorable bitch stole my new doll since it was the only one in the bed. ♥ Dragged it over to me like "LOOK WHAT I GOT LOOK LOOK" "YEAH I SEE, AND HEY IT LOOK FAMILIAR OH WAIT IT'S MINE."
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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 04:55 pm
1) Not much beats Taylor Hicks trying(KEYWORD) to do the Hand-Jive.

2) After working at Grease, I come home and my mom's oldie station is on. OLD VERSION OF GREASE IS ON WHEN I WALK IN soooob it's stalking me.

3) ISAAC HAYES. CHEF NO. D: You left us for Scientology, but I still loved you man!


5) Lol at not being assed to do something.

Clearly today is on a rollercoaster up and down ride. Thank God I have off early tonight. SPEAKING OF. I should mention that my post on Wednesday about going in for the night show. I forgot that since we have two on Sunday we only have one on Weds instead. SO GENIUS HERE WALKS OVER THERE FOR A NIGHT SHOW ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT AND GOES "WHERE IS EVERYONE." Durp.
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Saturday, August 9th, 2008 02:46 pm
Adventures of yesterday and today. In pictures and a half-assed summary. Theaters and protests and kitties in dressers.

The LJ-cut is for cutting. )

I also somehow wound up with three garbage bags full of more of my shit I don't need/want anymore. And still stand in the middle of the room going "I WANT TO THROW EVERYTHING AWAY AUUUGH" it's the weirdest feeling.
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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 05:12 pm
... Tedward didn't make it through the night. >: And so I spent the morning and work in WOE because he was the cutest little thing ever and it happened so fast and there was nothing I could doooo.

But I had to get more crickets today for Liz, so after work I stopped at Petland. And uh well.

Meet Wade!

Also, thanks to people being nice (sans the one bitch from the other day who I posted about in customers_suck), and LUCK, because I honestly rarely get tips, and probably in my work so far have only made like ... maybe a whopping $15 in all in tips (IN ALL I have been working for a few months now). But thanks to the couple of extra I have gotten in the last couple of days, nice people funded my Starbucks addiction. I tried a Caramel Macchiato yesterday, which was delicious. And today I tried the Iced Vanilla Latte, which was good, but not as good as the former. I usually always get Caramel Frappuchinos there, but recently I've been like ... let me try something new the next few times I come in here. And so I did.

On the subject of work (which I have mentioned, I have been working at Grease lately. Even though the Marquis IS getting a seasonal Christmas thing before 9 to 5. So hopefully Lulu will rope me back over there. E-even though sob sob won't be the same), there's something I noticed about the final number every performance. I do love Derek and Ashley and I think they do fabulous jobs, and they do! Like. In every song! But there is something about the last number that ... lacks? I don't know how to describe it right! But the orchestra is so powerful and they HAVE the powerful voices, but it just doesn't seem to come through on par with the score for the one song.

And I have to go back in an hour again, except I. Should be off because I was on this afternoon, yay. I love being on for the mats and off for the night shows. It means I can come home early, dive into my PJs and just be a bum all night.

And otherwise, I have a couple of pictures from yesterday and today. (Note to self. Remember not to forget your camera when you go out. DUMB ASS.)

Kitties and Anoles and ... ice. )
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Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 10:49 pm
So stuff happened the other day! And stuff and nothing happened at the same time. There are THINGS. And "RULES" and a semi-time limit thing in effect, and let's just say my quota of following these "rules" are ... already met for the month once I get my paycheck tomorrow. So uh. GO ME.

Overly met, even. I am working a full week at Grease this week which means a full check next week. And they have TWO Sunday shows. \o\ I just forget if it's still double pay on Sunday's if it's two shows. That would be AWESOME. I can totally maybe get RE0 sooner than I thought with the side money. Especially since I beat Mario Galaxy this morning and Katamari a while ago.

When dad was over the other day, I was looking around the house and went "... okay why don't you come over this weekend and move out ... things for us." because we have so much shit and. We are getting rid of the bar, one of the dressers in my room and one of the kitchen cabinets. More room get? (all of the mentions things are LARGE!)

And yes I am. PUMPED and EXCITED and HOPEFUL and. Yes. Thank you, everybody, for the luck.

Except now I am UPSET because Tedward is sick. :( I um. I didn't mention this, but I got a third Anole a couple of months ago, and when I got it home I noticed it was really sick. I tried to nurse it back to health, but it was too late for it and it died in like, five days. And Tedward is showing the same symptoms that that one had. ._. HE IS MY BABY, uwah. I will be so sad if he doesn't get better, I got him in May at the 9th Ave. Festival we have here and he's been the cutest little thing ever since. Like my little tiny greenbrown lizard BFF.

Also for those of you playing Pandemic II, and hate MADAGASCAR!!11. I'd like to note that beating Katamari, I rolled up that fucking bitch at the end. :)