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Wednesday, January 6th, 2010 07:53 pm
A rare public post has appeared!

The other day my 1/6 Wesker figure finally got its little plastic ass to my house. Needless to say, it was photo-op time.

Complete household saturation. )
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Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009 04:37 pm
I pass the Milford Plaza to and from work every day.

I am waiting with bated lols for that O to burn out.
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Thursday, October 1st, 2009 03:23 am
Today I went to the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition a couple of blocks up from home at the Discovery place near Broadway. It was very nice! They had a LOT of things on display, some of it was very personal, too. They noted which passenger said items belonged to, told a little bit of their story. They had one of the huge lifeboat cranes, one of the phones from the crow's-nest, things like the rivets that kept the ship together, and so much more. I think my absolutely favorite part of it was the room with the reconstruction of the Grand Staircase, though. ♥ I wish SO HARD that they allowed pictures, if only for that one room alone. They did, technically, but it was one of those they take you in front of it and then you can buy it after you're done. It was a whole room with a little description of it, but nothing else really but the whole thing, glass-domed ceiling and all.

I wound up getting something from the shop though, "882 1/2 amazing answers to your questions about the Titanic." They had little ice-berg and Titanic shaped ice cube trays which were just kind of horrible if you think about it. The book I got was $10, which wasn't really bad actually, compared to a lot of the other prices of things there.

So yeah, I had a lot of fun and it was well worth a visit for me. ♥ I have a couple of pictures of the outside and the model they have on display. So I'll post them. But I also wanna post a bunch of figure whoring I did when I was trying out the settings on my new camera. I was bored, and want to do a day in the life of me picspam post one day to break it in in different places/environments.

Pics from today, as well as a LOT of figure picspam. )
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Friday, September 25th, 2009 10:56 pm
One con pic (plus some babble) and pics of the RE figures. Also kitty. ♥

Wheeeeee! As I still mess with camera settings, so all the pics aren't so good. )
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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 05:46 pm
Today I went to get a new winter jacket. As I have had the old one for ... years. And thus the down isn't even all there anymore so it's not doing its job. Woot being ghetto. Anyway after that, I dropped by the nearby Best Buy to look around, and saw the camera I had my eye on for cheaper than it was online. So obviously I got it. And then took some pics!

A few tests as I tweaked with settings and the auto and stuff. )

In other news I ... should have maybe asked this sooner. But is anybody going to NYAF on Friday? I am, but really only checking out dealers room and catching a couple of panels (namely the DisorgXIII ones) between work, since I'm not taking off.

On a similar note, if anybody is interested. I have been interested in going for a while, and finally got my ticket today after passing the place like 4 times and seeing that huge, gorgeous model in the window. Next Wednesday I am catching the 2:00 exhibit for the Titanic Artifact Exhibition, if anybody wants to come with. I picked up a flyer on the way home, and once I read reconstructions of the cabins and the grand staircase, I was like wtf why haven't I already GONE to this it is literally on my block but up near Broadway.
Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 06:16 pm

it is taking forever to install though, sob!
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Saturday, August 8th, 2009 06:26 pm
So if the default from the Xeno character viewer and couple of more icons on [livejournal.com profile] durandork don't explain it better, I love my new computer very much because now I can get shinies like this.

And also get these two SEED Owaranai caps finally in good quality for my site which I just did. ;o;! (AND PLAY ALL THE EFFING OTHER SEED GAMES THAT NEVER CAME OUT HERE). I am such an image whore. :( Part of why I remember Owaranai was because I went "oh I can make better icons for my Dearka and Shiho folders durrrrrp!" Now I am super excited to try these other SEED games. I just hope they play okay ... if I can find roms for them at all. Lol this is going to be a fun adventure. \o\
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Sunday, December 21st, 2008 12:22 am
Yeah, last night after work, I went up to Joseph's house because he called and was having some people over like usual. It was so much fun. Sophia, Kristen and Armando were there. Kegal made DELICIOUS FOOD AS USUAL and made us his bitches to teach us while helping him cook for a few minutes. We had chicken and stir-fried rice, onions and veggies. *__* And some left over rice and lentils after we ran out of that. Joseph also has internet again so that resulted in hilarity and video watching, FaceBook shenanigans and other stuff. Insert booze and hilarious talking and storytelling, I was going to leave at midnight or 1 at the latest, wound up staying until 4. XD I left my umbrella there like a winner, though. GO ME.

Umbrella that I didn't even use. I love the snow so much so I just sort of walked in it all the way there.

And for today, first the meme.

- At work today (at Grease in the afternoon), they talked about a party thing, so after we directed the patrons out of the theater at the end, Susan came up with these papers. Apparently the manager of the Subway near the theater wanted to randomly throw a party for us, as thanks for helping their service with all the people leaving the theater every night. So that was sweet of him.

- Light pretty snow when I walked home from work (at White Christmas at night).

I did almost slip and break my ass on the ice on the way to work, though. I AM USUALLY GOOD WITH ... NOT. DOING THAT. But holy shit it was so slippery.

As for the party, it was fun and I got to sit around and talk with some of the other ushers. Sadly, Ace did not go. (that may or may not have been the reason I went. I WILL LET YOU DECIDE WHICH IS THE CASE) So hell yeah, free footlong meatball marinara for me, bitch! The actors were dancing and stuff in the place, cause the guys at Subway put on Grease music-- I'M SURE WE ALL WANTED TO HEAR IT MORE, WHAT WITH USHERS SEEING THE SHOW 8 TIMES A WEEK AND THE ACTORS HAVING TO SING IT 8 TIMES A WEEK. XD They gave them a poster of the show with everybody's signatures as thanks back for it. It was fun!

And now a couple of pictures that were on my camera from this week. )
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Friday, October 24th, 2008 04:39 pm
... 8D New layout and userinfo.

[livejournal.com profile] yzak

(in the process I realized Billy kind of has a mullet going on. And then I laughed.)

God the layout is so hot I'm going to stare at it forever.

I am going to look like balls for work tonight. :( Thanks to somebody assuming something so wrongly and hurting my feelings so badly because of it. orz my family sometimes.

Some pics of kittenbuns and my new work tag. )

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Sunday, September 28th, 2008 07:56 pm
The New York Anime Festival was this weekend! And I had an absolute blast. Brad Swaile is my soulmate and Rie Tanaka is the cutest thing ever. And I only got TWO THINGS FROM THE WHOLE CON. Omfg go me.


Pictures of what I got at the con! )

And possibly more pictures will come later since I TOOK NOTHING. Everyone else was taking the pictures for this con. XD
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Monday, September 8th, 2008 06:38 pm
This post was going to be "look at what game I started today!

Instead, it is: look at what game I started and beat in less than two hours today!

Winnar is me. Also a couple of kitty pics. )

But yes, that was a fun playthrough! Quick, sadly, but really fun. I love the DKC games. I guess Mario RPG is next up though, since my copy of DKC2 is nowhere to be found and I don't want to play that before 3. On a similar note, I played more of the Resident Evil RPG last night and ... THE GAME FROZE ON ME and I wasn't able to save. Now I have do a bunch of things and puzzles over again, bawwwww. But that is semi-okay because the game is really fun!

And now for that general me-info thing meme going around. )

And now I want to do that other meme so.


Fandom stuff, work stuff, random shit! Go crazy! And ask more than one thing if you please, because I do enjoy rambling. I am feeling kind of fandom rambly atm, but go crazy.

Also you guys omg.
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Monday, August 18th, 2008 05:31 pm
My Last Exile doll has finally arrived!

It is so soft and cuddly and cute.

Couple more pics of it. )
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Saturday, August 9th, 2008 02:46 pm
Adventures of yesterday and today. In pictures and a half-assed summary. Theaters and protests and kitties in dressers.

The LJ-cut is for cutting. )

I also somehow wound up with three garbage bags full of more of my shit I don't need/want anymore. And still stand in the middle of the room going "I WANT TO THROW EVERYTHING AWAY AUUUGH" it's the weirdest feeling.
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Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 05:12 pm
... Tedward didn't make it through the night. >: And so I spent the morning and work in WOE because he was the cutest little thing ever and it happened so fast and there was nothing I could doooo.

But I had to get more crickets today for Liz, so after work I stopped at Petland. And uh well.

Meet Wade!

Also, thanks to people being nice (sans the one bitch from the other day who I posted about in customers_suck), and LUCK, because I honestly rarely get tips, and probably in my work so far have only made like ... maybe a whopping $15 in all in tips (IN ALL I have been working for a few months now). But thanks to the couple of extra I have gotten in the last couple of days, nice people funded my Starbucks addiction. I tried a Caramel Macchiato yesterday, which was delicious. And today I tried the Iced Vanilla Latte, which was good, but not as good as the former. I usually always get Caramel Frappuchinos there, but recently I've been like ... let me try something new the next few times I come in here. And so I did.

On the subject of work (which I have mentioned, I have been working at Grease lately. Even though the Marquis IS getting a seasonal Christmas thing before 9 to 5. So hopefully Lulu will rope me back over there. E-even though sob sob won't be the same), there's something I noticed about the final number every performance. I do love Derek and Ashley and I think they do fabulous jobs, and they do! Like. In every song! But there is something about the last number that ... lacks? I don't know how to describe it right! But the orchestra is so powerful and they HAVE the powerful voices, but it just doesn't seem to come through on par with the score for the one song.

And I have to go back in an hour again, except I. Should be off because I was on this afternoon, yay. I love being on for the mats and off for the night shows. It means I can come home early, dive into my PJs and just be a bum all night.

And otherwise, I have a couple of pictures from yesterday and today. (Note to self. Remember not to forget your camera when you go out. DUMB ASS.)

Kitties and Anoles and ... ice. )
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Monday, June 30th, 2008 10:21 pm
I watched Bare last night. IT WAS SO GOOD-- god next time they are touring nearby I MUST MAKE IT.

Hilariously, the next day (TODAY) I was checking pb.com and see THIS with one of the guys from the show as well as ALLI. Funny coincidences are funny. And then saw this and went OMG DEB LYONS.

Then around sunset, I looked out my window at the tree coming into my window and it was all orange reflecty. A LOVELY SUNSET, I took pictures.

Pretty! )

And now I am compelled to ask this question. Dear f-list, if you could have something, anything, just something that you yourself would be really happy with and that would just be AWESOME to have. What would it be? We're not just talking impossible things and superpowers, it could be a lifetime supply of your favorite donuts, or to be able to cuddle a soft adorable cat at all moments of the day, to discover life on Mars! ANYTHING is the keyword here. And elaborate! As for myself, as cliche as it probably sounds, it would be flying. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ENAMORED WITH IT, I play video games that feature it and have a blast-- Drakan the Ancient's Gate, Dragon Rage, Star Fox. Truefax I could play Pilotwings 64 for hours because the secret Birdman thing was awesome. ;o;b
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Sunday, June 29th, 2008 12:02 am
Yesterday I went to my cousin's and then my dad's house. Slept over, went to my sister's today to see my nieces.

My adventures! With pictures. )

And once more, is anyone wants to add anything here since I'll probably make a post to respond to these next.
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Thursday, June 26th, 2008 03:46 pm
I had a whim to tote my camera around and had a lot of fun when I went out. I think I will do this sort of thing more often! Today I finished my wig with help from mom-- who sat there with it on while I messed around with it. Fun was had, as well as me telling her never to make her hair a light color. After that, I went to look for a cheap chessboard and something for my eyebrows for AX-- since they look ridiculous with the wig on. I also waited for my cousin to call me back about going to check out the luggage bag he has since I want one huge one to bring with me to CA.

A couple of pictures from yesterday, and a handful (plus summary) from my outing today. )

So today was pretty much all fail. No chessboard. Still have no idea what I am going to do for my eyebrows. Didn't get to go to my cousin's. I still need to get pink PJs so I can wear my wig with them for a while. Also have to get a thing for my chest as well as a new MOUSE because the one I have is not working right anymore.
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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008 05:38 pm
But first today at work.

Tara: :: WALKS IN!! ::
Tara: ...... :'(

Since I was early today, I went over to Petland to get a tank for Tedward, as well as a Lizard hammok thing, a little hideaway rock, food for the crickets so they actually stay alive. Since we're keeping them in Tedward's old tank, though that helps, so I got 50 of them. And I got another Anole! I am getting a third in a couple of days, which is already named because I'm making sure to get a boy (Wade! ...stfu.). I'm pretty sure this one is a girl, I have no idea what to name her. XD SUGGESTIONS WELCOME.

Anyway, pics of that, plus as I promised, a cosplay thing.

Lol. )

Also, ICON COMMUNITY PEOPLE!! Name ideas? All I could come up since last night was like ... iconjoint or something. Which is so generic so MORE IDEAS FOR A COMM NAME ARE A+.
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Friday, June 6th, 2008 11:31 pm
HAHA another reason why I love work. Because most people in the theater might not notice it since it's their first time seeing a show, but if something goes wrong, YOU notice it.

Which is to say, tonight during the All In My Head number, it takes place in front of a store-set, two windows for bride dresses and groom tuxes. Christopher and Alli both sing the song, and James and Elizabeth join them for a short time during it. Alli's character is kind of INSANE and a schizo and everything, which does make what happened EVEN MORE FUNNY.

So in the windows are a bride mannequin and a groom mannequin, and the set is rigged to have them both spin around, where Elizabeth and James are waiting on the other side of to step out of it and sing and dance around with the other two. They're both supposed to be figmets of the other twos' imaginations, and toward the end of the song, they go back to where they were, the things spin back around and back to the mannequins. WELL. Elizabeth's spun around just fine, JAMES'S ON THE OTHER HAND, DID NOT. It tried to, but it was stuck, and so he's standing there for a moment like "..." and then tries to PLAY IT COOL, step out from the window again and move behind the building set. I'm not sure if the audience realized this was a screw up or not, but they laughed. A-AND THEN at the end of the song, Alli's and Christopher's characters go "I can see it so clearly" and look back into the windows where the mannequins are. AND ALLI'S IS EMPTY and they're both just like "..." when she looks at it and realizes nothing is there o lawd it was so funny they were both kind of like HAHAHA as they sung the very end of the song.

In other news, the NYC's Buildings Department chief inspector was arrested! Because of bribes and ... shady shit and shit! IT JUST MAKES ME GO "A-AHAHAHAHA ORZ" and only a few people know why. o/ Cause now a few actual problems are coming into the light.

And now a couple of pictures and that's all. |D;

Weeeee! )
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Sunday, May 18th, 2008 08:39 pm
A picture to semi-sum up this weekend, which was the annual 9th avenue festival in my neighborhood.

I used to have chameleons all the time when I was younger so when I saw them for sale at the goldfish stand I couldn't help it. ;o; Now I want to get an aquarium and get more of them and hermit crabs again, too, in the future. This little guy is really alert and smart, too. Unlike most of them that I've had he keeps LOOKING AT ME and wants to get out. So I feel bad-- but thankfully people on our block sell used aquariums for cheap and our block fair is in two weeks. ♥

HE'S SO ACTIVE he's moving all around in the cage next to me right now-- since I can't keep him out of my sight unless he's somewhere safe because lol Cody. Which is also why I want an aquarium for him: kitty can knock over tiny plastic cages. Kitty cannot do such to heavy glass aquariums. Also, watching him eat live crickets is, much like it was when I was younger and had these, awesome. Even though eww they're so gross to buy and try to get into the cage because if one escapes we scream like girls.


Otherwise, the festival was a blast! Saturday not so much because nobody was our and around so I was alone, but today I chilled with Joseph and Cynthia, saw Julie and Armando and ran into someone I went to school with. Lots of delicious food also, as usual. I PIGGED OUT.