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yzak: ([lost] - destiny)
Friday, May 28th, 2010 01:46 pm
Here's that Lost finale post. A long-ass summary with a couple of videos, followed by my own rambling at the end. (HOLY FUCK THIS GOT LONG SHE SAYS AFTER SCROLLING BACK UP AFTER TYPING IT ALL)

The most important part of your life was the time that you spent with these people. )
yzak: (mirror mirror)
Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 10:52 pm
So I haven't had any Lost posts on my actual LJ because I am usually live-posting elsewhere, screaming on IRC and then post-episoding and foruming.

So to sum up my thoughts on the season so far:


yzak: (where you belong)
Thursday, May 14th, 2009 05:17 pm
Karaoke yesterday was so much fun. Video coming soon.

And then Lost's season finale. Summed up with "oh no, no. I didn't need my brain, don't worry about it Lost!"

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Saturday, March 7th, 2009 04:53 pm
This week's Lost.

Olololololol. )
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Friday, February 27th, 2009 09:02 pm
After giving Cody his ear drops three times already, I can tell this is going to be fun. XD

And now Lost time.

Marry me Locke!! )
yzak: (zen)
Friday, February 13th, 2009 04:15 am
Firstly, Resident Evil Retrospective 2!! Featuring RE2 and RE3. Aaaah I love these videos so much. NEMESIS. ♥ On the Resident Evil front, THIA forums also apparently have huge, HUGE spoilers. Huger than those ones I last posted, I would think. Recently in ... I think it was California? There was a special event where people got to play through some of the game. I didn't read the spoilers, so please don't comment here with them! But if you're curious about them and want to see, they are over there for all. With RE5 getting closer, I want to back off now and wait to play it. :3 The stuff I read already was enough to pump me up. ONLY ABOUT A MONTH GUYS AAAH.

There's also a new Kijuju blog update~


My favorite comment to that video is the "do my ass chris, please"

I ... also want to post about other stuff but fail at getting things typed up. Mainly Lost stuff. Does "AAAAH" "OH MY GOD" "HOLY SHIT" "FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKK" "sdkljfklsjfkls" and "WHAT?!" sum it up enough? Cause that is basically me every week. I am never going to pick apart the eps at this rate since there have been 5 already. XD MY BACKLOG, SOB. But holy balls I love this show so much.

The other day I went to get my social security fixed. We had known my name was mispelled on it but ... apparently forgot all about it. So when I went to file for my taxes, the problem came up so I was like WHOOPS. It was quick and done with now and everything should be in the green soon. Which I am happy for, because that money = my new computer which I desperately need more and more every day. On that note, another "I am a dumbass!" question: transferring files from one computer to another - easiest way? Is there like, a special USB cord or something I can hook them to each other with and move files or something. ): Just for future reference.

On the way home from that, I stopped in the Amish Market, and holy balls they had MULLIGATAWNY SOUP. Back when I worked in the now much hated food service, I became terribly addicted to the stuff. It is DELICIOUS and FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I screamed, I got some. I want more already. I hope they have it there often.

And today! I met up with [ profile] anatari, [ profile] brittyone and [ profile] advil and we had so much fun. We went clothes shopping - I got stuff! I was amazed at myself. I fail so hard at buying clothes. We went to a Maid Cafe and nnnnnngh. The way the inside of that place smelled, I was in heaven. It was so hypnotic and I wanted to sit in there all day and get high. The tea was amazing. We went to [ profile] advil's after that and hobo'd around for a while, put on makeup and touched people on IRC. I also got a lion. \o/

There was a yard and this BIG LION DOLL IN A TREE. And I was like omg it is so cute I want it! When we were walking back to go home, we passed it again, and once again I was like aaaah I want it! ... so Jae and Pell take it out of the tree, and the guy in the house comes out to let his dog in. And they are like "CAN WE HAVE THIS" and ... the guy said yes. SO NOW I OWN A REALLY LARGE, ADROABLE LION DOLL. Pell took a picture of me with it. \o/ We went for bubble tea after that and then headed home. I had a super time, and I cannot wait for the next meetup!
yzak: (IN THE *NUTS*)
Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 02:21 pm
Be still my BSB-fangirling heart. ♥ Well no don't be still because I love you, but I d'awwww'd like nobody's business when I saw this video on the community the other day. Kevin made a surprise visit and sang along at the end for the final concert of the Unbreakable tour. The fan response in the video and all over the comm was just adorable and heart-warming and eee, Kevin we miss you and still love you long time.

And oh man, oh man. I have no idea if I ever stated this before. I HATE TMZ LIKE YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE. I watch the news every day, and when I have on Fox, I usually am half paying attention because I'm internetting or something, so it comes on after that and if I perk back a little bit of attention to the TV, almost everything on that show makes me RAGE. Paparazzi in general are sort of give or take, I get that people have ~interest~ in the lives of celebrities and all. But TMZ's show and the way they act and what they do and some of the most stupidest shit they report and say makes me wants to throw my TV into a wall. And then burn the broken pieces.

Meanwhile, every time I visit lately it's like ... OH YET ANOTHER SHOW CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT. On that subject, I found out that the Brooks is actually not having a Thanksgiving show, so they will not ask me to work so I won't have to feel bad declining since I said yes to working at the Marquis. But even then I go who the hell wants to spend the day with family eating and chilling and then go see a musical on Thanksgiving. So sob. I guess it's because White Christmas is a limited engagement so people WILL be there to see it and they want to be open as much as they can, but. T^T Hopefully the food will be done at my cousin's before I have to leave, otherwise I won't be back up until 10:45 for leftovers.

And randomly, when I catch it on, I love love LOVE rewatching Lost. They just had the Hurley Dave episode and they're still in the Ben is in the hatch with everybody episodes and they just figured out the truth about Henry Gale and sdklfjsdkl Ben is so awesome. I can't wait for the new seasoooon.
yzak: (ashes faded away)
Saturday, February 9th, 2008 08:00 pm
1) [This is loltastic]. "And ... Carlos."

2) My nephew is adorable.

3) I am waiting on and praying for a call back from someone. Ouuuu~

4) Twilight Princess is so much fun. I just finished the snowpeak dungeon.

5) Lost. Lost Lost Lost Lost Lost. A little rambling. )

6) And most importantly, I have the best friends anybody could ever wish for. So much. ♥

I'll have something deep, elaborate and rambly to post about. One day. XD