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yzak: (a song about how dark my soul is)
Thursday, November 12th, 2009 03:14 am
I can never pass up a chance to whore my icons since I love my icons for my characters so much. ♥

That character expression meme, for all 5 of mine that I play! )

yzak: (still shining)
Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 03:07 pm
So this morning the Tony Nominations were announced! I've only worked at three of these in any catgories (I would have worked the Little Mermaid but I was booked for a night already when they called :(), but I'm glad to see Cry-Baby as one of the runners for Best Musical. Even though I think In the Heights will probably take it.

Of the four musicals, I wonder which numbers they're going to perform live at the actual Tony's. Like I mentioned already, the Just A Little Upset jail number was one of my favorites in Cry-Baby, so I am hoping they go for that one. Or at least one of the better ones from the show. Just anything so I can MAKE YOU ALL WATCH IT to see the hotness that is the lead. \o\ As for In the Heights (which is releasing a cast album next month, ooooh), I liked the $96,000 and the Club/Fireworks numbers so I hope they go with either of those.

I am also le'sad that Snyder didn't get nominated for Best Male Lead for musicals for Cry-Baby. ;.; Or any of the cast in those categories (or many categories in GENERAL, but). Bawww.

But yeah, that'd be all! Other than this icon being adorable.
yzak: (so BIG AND STRONG)
Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 11:15 am
This is still one of my favorite memoried posts ever. Lol druggie SEED RO. I like how I found this when I was going to find the posts from the 2 day SEED marathon I had made since that weekend was retarded.

In related news, I came . close to buying an Yzak/Lacus doujin last night. I may still wind up doing it because somehow, someway, I am still a complete weakling to temptation.

Also, GIP. I finally iconed that panel from the Zetsubou Sensei manga. XD

yzak: (some FUCKING ROOFIES?!)
Sunday, April 6th, 2008 05:56 am
New layout and userinfo @ [ profile] gaignun as well as a bunch of new icons at the bottom and a mood-theme swap. It was going to be a WHOLE FUN SHEBANG (?!) with a username swap as well. And I need to make some more icons later.

But then I remembered that LJ is a very expensive hooker. And unlike the general namechange, the nameswap process costs three rename tokens. That of which I currently cannot afford. So that will be delayed for maybe a month or so.

It'd be nice to get a step up on that, though! Another interview on Monday, the last week (and some) has been a blur of this same process, over and over and over. I am about to possibly pop from aggravation. It'd be nice if one of these attempts paid off. FIGHT ON.

I also cannot get What What In The Butt out of my head after this week's South Park. On that same note, who else watching it recognized like ... all of those youtube things?
yzak: (orly)
Thursday, June 21st, 2007 10:16 am
CDJapan shipped my SEED Supernova er DVD this morning. Hoorays. Chibi animation and Shoot remix get! I hope the remix is awesome, and an actual remix. Because eee. Of course I need to figure out how to rip an .mp3 from a DVD disc, or something. And possibly an .avi even though I'm sure somebody who knows how to do that will, with the animation on the disc.

I downloaded the You Raise Me Up single from Lena Park, and was disappointed with the full version of the song - it didn't have the same pretty oomph as the TV version.

I love RPing. This just stands to be said.

Registering for Otakon and then talking in IRC to other people from CFUD going makes me so excited oh my God I cannot WAIT until next month now. It's going to be a complete BLAST. I hope we find a white van to take a picture with. And I can't wait to splurge on Xenostuff.

I've also been in an icon slump. I haven't been making anything for the icontest comm I usually take part in. I want to, but I've just had this drainout.

And I was meaning to make a post with this, so. Tell me something that you like, that nobody actually knows you like, because you don't really talk about it. And elaborate on it a little bit. Like for example - two things for me would be the Titanic, and the universe. I've kind of been into the whole history of the Titanic since third grade when we read about it in History. I've been to one of the shows they had going around the country where they were showing off a piece of the hull they had recovered from the wreckage when it was near my cousin's house, once. And I find stuff like telescope pictures amazing, and I check this site all the time and just... boggle at how amazingly fascinating it is. So pretty.