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Thursday, November 12th, 2009 03:14 am
I can never pass up a chance to whore my icons since I love my icons for my characters so much. ♥

That character expression meme, for all 5 of mine that I play! )

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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 12:57 am
Namine: Rename FF characters with mun names
Tot: ... i could
Yzak: ...
Yzak: ...
Tot: but bagelfucker is too long
Yzak: in before bagelfuck
Yzak: ...
Yzak: FUCK
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Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 10:57 pm
Can has a Steve in [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie! Am having a blast in the intro post which is the FUNNIEST POST EVER hurf durf even though I suck so hard at villains.

EVERYBODY GO APP THE REST OF THE CAST especially Jill and Chris.
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Thursday, August 6th, 2009 06:21 pm
Because I am a giant SEED whore.


^ You all want to go app. LOOK AT ALL THE ICONS YOU'LL GET! I always love Dearka's, but really, Shiho and Isaac's I really love a lot for some reason. I need to finish Isaac's, too.

Also app Ziggy so [livejournal.com profile] lacus can love you for all eternity.

I started WoW a couple of days ago. o/ Am liking it so far! I am such a skank though, I want all the mounts and pets because they are all so cool/adorable! THAT IS ALL I CARE ABOUT.
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Saturday, August 1st, 2009 08:49 am
Can has [livejournal.com profile] durandork back. With added renamed journal. And a loli double apper in the form of my cakes. :3

Now I can upload some icons again. And mention that me and [livejournal.com profile] lacus have been replaying the games. And post caps of the character I made for him on Ragnarok. AND JUST REMOVE MY CLOAK OF TRYING TO BE NINJANESS.

Oh and be laughed at by everybody ever, but that was a given.

I now have two characters with like, the same name. Red, Rubedo, yes. Both with unlucky number tattoos! (and let's not forget Wesker's little association with one, too. App pattern? What app pattern?)

My first 100% in oh my titties. ;o;
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Sunday, July 19th, 2009 12:13 am
To Tara
"Ma peche..."

M-my life. That + RE geekery and more RE goodies. I think it is officially made.

And Biz writing Littlefoot/Yzak porn. And reading it to us. Mass videos and pictures are to be coming soon because ooooohmygosh.

Also MONSTER BAGELS and penis ice cream cones from unmarked white ice cream vans playing Transylvanian music.
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Monday, July 13th, 2009 06:38 am
Guess what me and [livejournal.com profile] lacus have started up again.

Moar wild adventures under the cut. )

You guys should come and join us! We can have huge parties and go on wacky adventures. As well as take out a Golden Bug so [livejournal.com profile] lacus can get her Bells. We're playing on PaganRO, a nice little private server with pretty good rates. If you've never played RO before, give it a whirl! I will be more than happy to help you get used to how it works and help level people up. There's a full download on the site.

In other news, we got a Claire in CFUD. \o/ SOHAPPY and her intro post was Wesker backhanding her. Good times.
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Thursday, May 28th, 2009 03:50 pm
Counselor apps at [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie soon! There's one RE character in the beta post already, this obviously means everyone should go app everyone. Especially CHRIIIIIIISSSS!!!1! so his intro can be "HI GUYS" and I can be the first comment sticking my hand through his chest. :D! Seriously, with the Moogles, Wesker would kill Chris all the time. SO CATHARTIC. And a Jill would be fab too not only for my Wesker, but so my Carlos can find out she's 10 years older and his soul can shatter as he's still only 21. And any protagonist Wesker knows can have their intro be "ITP a new arrival is getting backhanded by a man in sunglasses."

FFVII counselors are A+ for our cast there too. |3

Of course there are two camper app rounds before that, so everybody should clearly go and app Dearka, Shiho and Isaac from Delta Astray. That way Yzak can have all of his bitches in camp and we can have wacky shenanigans. SERIOUSLY. Dearka I would spoil rotten, and I have icons for everybody, Dearka's are so hot. ;; And Shiho's are so pretty, and Isaac's are just hilarious, he's such an adorable character. Oh yeah also there's Luciola from Last Exile who I would make hot love to if someone apped him. I really need to go through the series again and make icons for him so I have more to pimp out with.

And in IRL news, my cousin Joseph is graduating college today! We are having a party for him tonight and thankfully I am off of work early so I can chill out longer. I foresee fun times. Last week kind of sucked overall and I just decided to keep my pissing and moaning to silent, so hopefully this means we're at the turnaround.

AND FRIENDSLIST. Since I know some people are making Twitter accounts, if you're semi-new to Twitter, give me your username so I can friend you if I have not yet! My only request is that you use my real name (Tara) on it since it's not LJ/domain connected.
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Monday, March 30th, 2009 12:10 am

I am the most not obvious person on the planet.

There is not much in other news! I am wearing my awesome "Hooray for Boobies" shirt as a sleepshirt. And last night one of the bigwigs was at our theater. And when I say bigwig, I mean Jimmy Nederlander - our theater is part of the NEDERLANDER chain of Browadway theaters. SEE THE CONNECTION THERE.

And we had a group of like. 100 teenagers who were loud and screaming and having a grand old time. Only with our show? The producers LOVE people like that and encourage it, and he handed Marie and I bags of our little lighter-shaped flashlights going "go hand these out to all those kids! :)" orz. I do think that's a good thing about the show, though. The atmosphere is a lot more free and fun than any others I've worked at.
Monday, February 23rd, 2009 07:28 pm
A 30 second commercial for RE5. How something that short can be that epic ... oh my God. And the music during the last 15 seconds, I really hope there are more scores like it on the OST. It gave me awesomechills. Oh God oh God oh God it's not far off now. I AM SO EXCITED GOD Capcom knows how to make people squirm in anticipation.

I had a great weekend! Friday night I went to Joseph's house because it was Derek's birthday. We chilled over there for a while and then went to a bar. I didn't stay long, because I fail at bars. But we had a good time, and I can't wait to chill out again this week, hopefully!

Saturday was a CFUD meetup! Pelly, Firo, Pinky, George, Rikuou and Jae the pirate. Poor Jae hurt her eye, I hope you feel better if you see thiiiiiiis! ;o; We met up in Chinatown and got bubbletea, food and shopped around Elizabeth Center. Then we went uptown for karaoke. And the chain of karaoke always has on anime DVDs and stuff-- THEY HAD ON GUNDAM SEED. I kept raging at the TV every time Athrun was on. And Kira too. Because I am so IC.

And at Pelly's there was delicious food and movies even though I was sort of dying from a headache so fuzzily recall things. On that note I have to harass someone to telling me what exactly is in purple because I want to make some now. I always love our meetups, and I had so much fun. ♥ you guys so much.

Sunday night I went with mom to Alice's house - where we go every year for a get together to watch the Academy Awards. The show was overall pretty good! I loved Hugh - I ... geeked at the musical montage and sang along when they got to Grease ooooooooooooooorz. I hated the In Memoriam this year though because it had stupid camera angles and wouldn't stop moving and zooming in and out and we couldn't see half of it because of that. Tons of snacks and munchies there and it was grand.

I also started Persona 3 last week, and I like it a lot so far! Sob camp has biased me though. XD I squeak every time Akihiko shows up and when Shinjiro did I ... squeaked again. 8(

Refiled for my taxes now that Social Security thing is all done with. Crossing my fingers for soon-ness! I am also ... going to get credit and take out a loan this week because of my dad randomly calling me and saying I need to do this. So I was like uh. God once I pay back that first loan I am never touching it again. Credit is the scariest shit ever to me and I do not want to fuck something up like parts of my family have.

And I will work on the 5 things meme going around because I am compiling them and also rambling like a retard. \o/
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Friday, February 13th, 2009 04:15 am
Firstly, Resident Evil Retrospective 2!! Featuring RE2 and RE3. Aaaah I love these videos so much. NEMESIS. ♥ On the Resident Evil front, THIA forums also apparently have huge, HUGE spoilers. Huger than those ones I last posted, I would think. Recently in ... I think it was California? There was a special event where people got to play through some of the game. I didn't read the spoilers, so please don't comment here with them! But if you're curious about them and want to see, they are over there for all. With RE5 getting closer, I want to back off now and wait to play it. :3 The stuff I read already was enough to pump me up. ONLY ABOUT A MONTH GUYS AAAH.

There's also a new Kijuju blog update~


My favorite comment to that video is the "do my ass chris, please"

I ... also want to post about other stuff but fail at getting things typed up. Mainly Lost stuff. Does "AAAAH" "OH MY GOD" "HOLY SHIT" "FUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKKK" "sdkljfklsjfkls" and "WHAT?!" sum it up enough? Cause that is basically me every week. I am never going to pick apart the eps at this rate since there have been 5 already. XD MY BACKLOG, SOB. But holy balls I love this show so much.

The other day I went to get my social security fixed. We had known my name was mispelled on it but ... apparently forgot all about it. So when I went to file for my taxes, the problem came up so I was like WHOOPS. It was quick and done with now and everything should be in the green soon. Which I am happy for, because that money = my new computer which I desperately need more and more every day. On that note, another "I am a dumbass!" question: transferring files from one computer to another - easiest way? Is there like, a special USB cord or something I can hook them to each other with and move files or something. ): Just for future reference.

On the way home from that, I stopped in the Amish Market, and holy balls they had MULLIGATAWNY SOUP. Back when I worked in the now much hated food service, I became terribly addicted to the stuff. It is DELICIOUS and FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I screamed, I got some. I want more already. I hope they have it there often.

And today! I met up with [livejournal.com profile] anatari, [livejournal.com profile] brittyone and [livejournal.com profile] advil and we had so much fun. We went clothes shopping - I got stuff! I was amazed at myself. I fail so hard at buying clothes. We went to a Maid Cafe and nnnnnngh. The way the inside of that place smelled, I was in heaven. It was so hypnotic and I wanted to sit in there all day and get high. The tea was amazing. We went to [livejournal.com profile] advil's after that and hobo'd around for a while, put on makeup and touched people on IRC. I also got a lion. \o/

There was a yard and this BIG LION DOLL IN A TREE. And I was like omg it is so cute I want it! When we were walking back to go home, we passed it again, and once again I was like aaaah I want it! ... so Jae and Pell take it out of the tree, and the guy in the house comes out to let his dog in. And they are like "CAN WE HAVE THIS" and ... the guy said yes. SO NOW I OWN A REALLY LARGE, ADROABLE LION DOLL. Pell took a picture of me with it. \o/ We went for bubble tea after that and then headed home. I had a super time, and I cannot wait for the next meetup!
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Monday, January 19th, 2009 06:40 pm
So, I am 23 what the penis!! Birthday was so much fun, I went out to Brooklyn for another CFUD meetup. And I love everybody there so much. Cuddlepiles and Pell's feet/my ass is an OTP. We watched the Dark Knight, had a cake with candles as straight as Yzak. I love Kentity hang-outs so much. ♥ Everybody is amazing.

It's also been snowing since last night, which makes me :D! I love snow, it's so pretty in the sky and on the ground BEFORE the cars and city-atmosphere kill it.

There was also another protest Saturday, which like always, FUN AS HELL. Morale was up because uh - well there was always a dream for something called Operation SlickPubes, which is what it might sound like. One of our NYC protestors went through with it in freezing weather. Shirtless, vasolined, covered in donated pubes and running inside, also apparently humping a bookstack, according to the video. It was sort of ... amazing and when I read about it I was like oh god. And it had to be us NYCers who went through with it, why am I not surprised.

Also, remember when I mentioned the issue to my Degeneration Blu-Ray? Basically, they sent it, we never got it so I e-mailed amazon and they sent me a second copy for free. Which I was so appreciative for. But uh. Yesterday, the original one showed up in front of our door! It was SUNDAY, mind - mail is not delivered on Sundays. AND it wasn't in a box or anything, so we are just kind of boggling because he seems like someone took it, opened it and ... kept it for a while? I had left a note downstairs but never heard from anybody, so. The Blu-Ray itself isn't opened, but it wasn't in a box anymore. So we just find it ... really weird and concerning. I e-mailed amazon back though to see if I can send the other one back. Since after they were so nice I don't want to take advantage of that since I didn't even expect them to send me a second copy like that.

And tomorrow is Obama's Inauguration! I am so, so excited and need to figure out what I am doing. I have pending possible plans to watch it with my cousin. Things start at 8am and the main thing kicks off at 10. But they are also setting up streaming screens and stuff in Times Square so people can all go up there to celebrate. Which I am tempted to go to whether alone or with the cousin once I get in touch with him. I am so excited!

And in Resident Evil news, new stuff as usual! The Kijuju blog updated again, and the spoiler free version is there was a name revealed, finally.

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Wednesday, January 14th, 2009 06:08 am
It has been a fun week and will continue to be until about next Tuesday! I've been going to [livejournal.com profile] brittyone's because we're watching Den-O/Kiva and SEED together. There is touching as this happens. As well as me crying over Seki Toshihiko talking about climaxing because I hear the voice and I picture Klueze saying it. IT HURTS ME IN MY SOUL.

Thursday or Friday (or both, maybe?) I am going to hang with Joseph and whoever else he calls who is free and we are gonna maybe do his house as well as either Tad's or Tad's old hostel. I ENVISION ASS GRABBING AND OTHER FUN TIMES.

Saturday morning/early afternoon is another protest! And Saturday night/Sunday is a Kentity meetup (as well as MAH BIRFDAY) where we will has a [livejournal.com profile] shiny_karu for me to Yzakgrump at. I am going to be touched a lot apparently, and offered bagelsex since um I am now a CFUD mod omfg!!150! Bagelmod to be specific sob you guys. I am excited and dkljfkls and omg. I am still boggling.

I have no idea what the hell is up on Monday but Tuesday is Obama's Inauguration and I know we are doing something then at Joseph's. So yes, I am excited. And trying to do things since I am lacking of things to do because of no work. It is a pretty lame feeling! :( And funny when you compare it to school getting out for the summer. "School's over! I'm free!" as opposed to "Work's over! I'm fucked."

Cody has been acting differently, too. He has been a lot more attentive to my mom (much to her joy. "HE WAKES ME UP AT 6AM MEOWING IN MY FACE OR LAYING ON ME ALL MORNING" I love my kitty. :D) who is noticing this and thinking he feels bad for her lack of furryfriend. Either that or he is showing that he is now ruler of our house. Or maybe both, knowing his mood-swinging ass. He's also, upon seeing a bit of bunched up blanket when my mom is sleeping or resting, pouncing it and then going "??" because he's used to the dog always being there. :( (he enjoyed playing "I AM THE TIGER AND YOU ARE MY PREY" with him)

And orz. My second copy of Degeneration from amazon finally got here. I had never gotten the first one, and the tracking claimed it to be delivered. When I emailed amazon about it, they sent me another one right away for no additional charge. I was surprised! And very happy. Except for not being able to read the trivia or small text - how fucking big do TVs need to be for that?! We don't have an HD but usually that's not a problem. So I am like wtf lame. :( I did love the bloopers though, Claire's RAGE being the best. And of course anything with ♥Frederic♥.

And I cannot sleep, and considering it's almost 7 and my plans for me and mom today start at 9 I am going to need a caffeine boost later. And hopefully drop early tomorrow night to get back on track somewhat. But either way, I am pumped for these plans! I get the oddest urges at the oddest times for things. Like "WE NEED TO GO BUY ONE OF THESE NOW."

And omg the Kijuju blog updated again. ADAM IS MY DREAM MAN.
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Saturday, January 10th, 2009 05:51 pm
Once again we had so much fun last night. Wound up leaving earlier but walking around the city for a while, I think I got home at 6am. There was also stuff, but despite my initial feeling of csdkjfls I. Am happy and can say I like myself a lot for being me. In all of my retarded glory. I am probably going over there AGAIN tonight though I am not pulling another 6am. Not when there are lolis to touch tomorrow. :D

Also, have an RP meme.

I dunno what else there is to post about! Boring post is boring.
Wednesday, December 31st, 2008 07:48 pm

I blame [livejournal.com profile] brittyone for this.

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Sunday, September 28th, 2008 07:56 pm
The New York Anime Festival was this weekend! And I had an absolute blast. Brad Swaile is my soulmate and Rie Tanaka is the cutest thing ever. And I only got TWO THINGS FROM THE WHOLE CON. Omfg go me.


Pictures of what I got at the con! )

And possibly more pictures will come later since I TOOK NOTHING. Everyone else was taking the pictures for this con. XD
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Thursday, August 28th, 2008 08:54 pm
I rarely ever change my desktop. I went from Yzak & Dearka wallpaper/Winamp, to Jr. wallpaper/Winamp for a while, back to the Yzak & Dearka again. In the span of like ... seriously, forever. Possibly a year and a half to two years. Maybe even more than that. I don't show my desktop icons since they bug me, but I always have Firefox open and it takes up like 80 - 90% of the screen normally anyway. BUT THE POINT IS THAT TODAY I made a new wallpaper and Winamp skin.

BEHOLD!! Sob I am on this RE thing, it is fabulous. I also need more Wesker icons -- five is apparently not enough. Damn the internet for not having good REmake FMVs anywhere because that's where half of them are. :|

And staying on that subject, FRIENDSLIST! Take a screencap of your wallpapers and Winamp skins and show them to me! I want to see what you currently have. ♥

Shifting now, the RP love meme last night made me happy. ;o; Not only cause like the CFUD ones, I got to love on all of those wonderful people and have fun lovepiles with them in the post. But I love driveby loving anyone who RPs the same canons I do. And there was another Yzak there who is so awesome and sdl;fksd;fsdg she said the sweetest thing to me as well and I am a flailing woobie. .///.

I am getting a haircut tomorrow, most likely. Only a few dead-end inches, people tell me sometimes that I should cut it short, but I am too scared to. I never had short hair in my life. XD;

And remember to the people interested, you have a few more days to go and grab this!
Wednesday, August 27th, 2008 05:50 pm
I am so gay for Resident Evil. Seriously, since we played it all those years ago, it's been like, my favorite game series ever. I need to get a new copy of 0 this week so I can finish it (as well as a new copy of CVX and the REmake because they somehow disappeared). I was reading a bunch of Let's Plays for the games, lol'd heartily. It is why I in part love the RE fandom so much, despite it seeming kind of disjointed-- people love joking around about it in the same ways we did growing up playing it and still do (... see icon). And while harassing DA is fun, I am superpicky about favoriting things. :(

Except I cannot find any good videos of the REmake scenes ANYWHERE, and I really want them. Youtube sucks, I want to make icons damn it, why are there no scenes ANYWHERE ONLINE IN GOOD QUALITY other than youtube shitty or super tiny and sucky. This goes for most of the other games too, IT DEPRESSES ME. I wonder if Winny is still alive so I can try my luck there, despite the whole, you know, not being able to read the files so having close to no idea what I am downloading. My money on that hypothetical situation is winding up with tons of terrible RE monster tentacle porn.

This makes me ORZ. More American Idol people in Grease! I mean, I'm sure he'll be great, because Taylor Hicks is great -- he's leaving in a couple of weeks, on that note. Which makes me sad, and I cannot find my audio recorder anywhere which is making me going wtf? I want a recording of the song he sings in it. But yeah back on topic, my time working there has caused me to easily notice who is. Going to see the show just for him, I see LADIES, usually around my mom's age or older, some of them have T-SHIRTS AND PINS and usually wind up asking you IS HE IN IT TONIGHT!! and then scream the loudest when his number comes up. I still remember my grandma loving him and making me call to vote for her during that Idol's season finale. XD But yeah, it's funny! LAST WEEK THOUGH was even more funny because people. These two people had small signs that they whipped out when it was his number. Not signs big enough to obstruct someone else's view, so it was okay to us since Brenda didn't say anything. B-BUT WHAT. SIGNS? IN MY BROADWAY MUSICALS?! It's more likely than you think! SOB. It just gets better and better from the "people assuming the no pictures announcement is exempt for this part" thing. Ths above is not anything bad, though, just funny.

In RP news, I decided that I am so not apping next round. Not when I am flip-flopping on other issues that I should sort out before anything else. I can go on at a length, but all I will say is that when you app your absolute favorite characters from your favorite canons, the thought of letting them go makes you sad in your kokoro, even if it might make things easier for you. I HAVE SPOOGED MY TL;DRISH FEELINGS ON THIS to a few people the other day.

And for great upcoming news! My sister, her boyfriend and my nephew are being flown up here from South Carolina this weekend! They want to do a lot, and see as many people as they can, especially since nobody here has gotten to see Jaden except in pictures and video yet. So they're going to chill with people who live upstate near where her my grandma lived, see my dad on the way to the city, and spend Saturday here with us. I wish it was more than one day - I wish they never moved at all and would move back here, but. >: If they wanted to, it would take a little time. But I am excited! I get to finally meet my adorable nephewwwwww. ♥ So we have a few things to do this week before Saturday. I am working tomorrow - Sunday all shows at Grease again, but after talking to Brenda I am going to have Saturday mat early. \o\

And don't forget this post right here for sexy sexy things.
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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 05:52 pm
WIN: [livejournal.com profile] immelmahhhnn @ CFUD get! ... again. I totally reapped. And cried on people as they watched me top myself into it. (I love you guys.)

And then I marathoned the series when I got in because I didn't get the time to before that. Lol. And I'd say APP LUCCIOLA SOMEONE but - well okay I'd approve of that. But no I still want a Dearka more. I have like. Blond bitches for 3/6 of my characters, wat. App pattern?

LOSE: I ... fail? I fail a lot. At everything.

Anyway, worked this afternoon and it was ... same old. Today was a little more irritating though for a few reasons. Am working tomorrow night as well. I have worked there three times last week, once today, and once tomorrow so far, and have not had an off shift because of not having two/three consecutive shows. :( To which I say LAAAAME even though I don't mind, but. Good music, good show (except the ending I WILL NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT THAT sob). So A++.

Then on the way home it was like God hated me, because I passed the Marquis, bawww'd at the Cry-Baby stuff being up there still, and then walked down 43rd where there were like. HUGE CLOTH POSTERS FOR IT EVERYWHERE in this parking lot. I was like ". . . THIS IS NOT SUCCESS. I WANT TO CRY. STOP TAUNTING ME."

And this Friday I am going to something with Joseph and everyone - some free concert. And it seems that the plans I missed last week because of work fell through anyway, so we're planning on doing that after the concert on Friday. Going to Tad's youth hostel, which sounds like fun shenanigans waiting to happen. I am excited!

Also GIP, because as I was iconing things for [livejournal.com profile] yaranaicon (I need to toss more of my backlog up lol) I was like wai wai Wesker-kun. I am sort of tempted to upload a couple more of him but. Running out of icon room. But. Wesker. :(

And on the subject of Wesker, who as I said, is probably my favorite antagonist ever. TELL ME ALL ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE ANTAGONIST(S), FRIENDSLIST. And you know, why you like them so much. For me, it's because he ... doesn't go down! Like. Ever. Even in the UC Russia Fall of Umbrella chapter, he's BEHIND THE SCENES, shit blows up, the good guys prevail! And Wesker is still just standing there in the shadows, NEVER DEFEATED, AND SUPER BADASS. Of course because of the happenings in RE1, where he gets his ass handed to him but comes back with the powers because of the virus. UC and everything else just showed how active he was in EVERYTHING that was going down in all of the games, like with Birkin and even including stuff in RE4, and I am excited for RE5 stuff like that as well. It's part of why I love the RE series so much, because he's behind the scenes, manipulating so much, but he's never the FINAL BOSS TO WIN FOREVER. Never the comes out and goes HA HA FOOLISH PROTAGONISTS I WILL DESTROY YOU NOW guy. He comes in, does what he's got to do, even if it means kicking your pansy ass along the way for trying to stop him with your protagonist powers (CHRIS, DURP), and he doesn't dilly-dally around with anything else. And he stays so dickishly smug and composed through it, sunglasses and all. Like end of UC (which I also iconed) where you see him sitting in his awesome chair like B)

I wanna draw stupid stick figures. Because I was thinking about my Retardere site I wanna make for my CFUD stuff, and was like man I need more stupid convos for ideas, since that is how half of them were born. Like cliffing, and GSB Waffles.

This post is what happens when I open a window and try to remember as many things as I can because I could swear I had more to mention.