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Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 09:10 pm
So! Going through things and getting rid of lots! That means SALEPOST TIME. Lost, SEED and Xenosaga stuff under here. I'm also GOING to be selling the official Cagalli Haumea necklace and the elecronic 00 Haro once I figure out a good idea for prices on them. If anything (since ebay also sounds like a good route for undecided prices) I'll be posting for those in the near future.

But in the meantime!

Lost seasons 1 - 5 DVDs: $50

Unsealed, but never actually opened/used save for Season 1 disc 1. So discs are in brand new condition.

Gundam SEED Cell DX & pencilboards: Kira and Lacus set - $35

Blue pencilboard has Shinn and Lunamaria on the back. Congratulations pencilboard has another Kira/Lacus image on the back.

Gundam SEED Cell DX & pencilboards & clear file: Athrun and Cagalli set - $30


Athrun & Aegis pencilboard has Kira on the back.

Gundam SEED Cell DX & pencilboards: Kira and Athrun set - $25

White pencilboard has another Athrun and Kira image on the back. Yellow pencilboard has Shinn picture on the back.

Gundam SEED Cell DX & pencilboards: Minerva crew set - $40

Shinn and Impulse pencilboard has Athrun on the back. Shinn and Rey pencilboard has Athrun and Kira on the back.

Gundam SEED Cell DX & pencilboards: Phantom Pain set - $30

Mwu and Klueze pencilboard has Mwu and Klueze on the back.

Gundam SEED Cell DX: Heroes set - $20

OMNI cards/holder - $10

Comes with memo cards. 3 Kira, 4 Lacus, 4 Cagalli, 2 Mwu, 5 Athrun & Kira.

Metal OMNI ID card holder + cards - $20

Metal ID holder is a little worn (as you can see in the pic, but it's not noticeable like in the picture because of the flash). Comes with ID cards for Kira, Fllay, Miriallia, Natarle, Murrue, Mwu, Cagalli, and 3 blank/make your owns. KIRA AND ATHRUN ORB ID CARDS NOT WITH ORIGINAL ITEM but included. Orb ID cards were a special extra in one of the special edition Destiny OSTs.

Destiny chibi plastic standees - $3 each, set for $10

Destiny official file binder - $10

Just the binder. Intended to hold the SEED Destiny official file books.

Gundam SEED Astray manga 1 - 3 - $8

Japanese versions of the same first two volumes of the manga included free.

Gundam SEED Japanese manga set - $15

Has an English release, but hey.

AND NOW FOR DOUJIN. Pret all Dearka/Yzak with one set that only has 1 in it with some other gen/crack stuff.

Magnum 55 Collection: $50

9 doujin by the same circle. All Dearka/Yzak, no novel. These would be more un-light yaoi, it has a good amount of sex in it.

Assorted #1 - $30

Going clockwise from the upper left:
- A DeaYza Festival compliation featuring the works of various artists, mostly art with some novel, mostly fluff/gen with one sexytime story.
- Next one features mostly art, some novel, light yaoi.
- Platina: All art, some sex.
- All art, some sex also!
- Blue Blue Bluest Sky: All art, lightish yaoi.

Assorted #2 - $20

Clockwise from upper left:
- 2 doujin by HoneyOnion. All art, fluffy.
- GGG3G: Copydoujin, fluff, light, all art.
- Cold Game: Mostly gen/crack. All art.
- Leyenda Negra: Dearka-uke, porny, all art.

Assorted #3 - $20

This one would be the more non DeaYza set. Clockwise from upper left:
- It's a Wonderful Life. All art. Athrun/Yzakish, crack.
- All art. Athrun/Kira and Rey/Shinn (with a small touch of Athrun/Shinn) Crackish anf fluffy.
- Alongside of you. All art, gen/cute, some fluff. Athrun/Kira with some Dearka/Yzak.
- Shooting Star Bebup. All art, Athrun/Kira, cracky with some light yaoi.

Assorted #4 - $17

And we'll call this one the porny selection.
- SEED Buster & Assault Shroud: All art, both by the same circle. First one is more gen, second is porn, features female Yzak!
- System Crash & Lollipop: About all art (System Crash has a short novel), by the same circle Lollipop also features Kira/Athrun, both are porny, and very detailed... ly so.

Assorted #5 - $18

Clockwise from upper left:
- Renai: Yzak/Dearka, all art, mostly fluff, light yaoi.
- Buster: Mostly art, some novel, gen.
- All art, copy doujin, yaoi.
- Novel with a couple of drawings, tossing this one in the set for free.
- Site. All art, Yzak/Dearka, Mwu/Dearka, unlight yaoi!

Assorted #6 - $17

Clockwise from upper left:
- All art, Dearka/Yzak and Athrun/Kira. Fluff and then sex.
- Frost Flower: All art. Fluff and then more sex.
- Blue Lace: Stuff with fluff with some sex tossed in the middle.
- Versus: Crack, very light fluff.

If anybody's interested, drop a comment so I can note something as sold (and quick check the comments to see if there were any new ones before any post edits). And then depending on where you live we can sort out the shipping stuff (letting me know your zip code in a comment would help :)). I prefer Paypal.


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