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Thursday, February 18th, 2010 11:18 pm
dfjkls RE omg omg omg Lost in Nightmares.

I also like how my only last public posts are RElated in the last like ... forever.

tl;dr version of what I think:

Okay firstly? At the start, if you check the main door once, you get a "?" prompt. The screen fucking changes to the oldschool RE camera angles I LEGIT JIZZED EVERYWHERE. As if the whole extra stage wasn't one giant nostalgiagasm for oldschool RE fans, that is like the gigantic sexy cherry on top of it. I need to go back and not only beat the other two difficulty levels, but do a playthrough with the old camera angles now. *_* They sure know how to give it a replay value.

So many RE1 mansion throwbacks! The dining room was as always just beautiful. And I love love LOVE that the whole start of LiN was just puzzles. Which weren't TOO hard, but then again, considering RE1/2/3 came out over 10 years ago they're not as insanely hard as one would remember either. So it was a very fitting and extremely well done addition. I went through the whole start extremely nervous, so props for the very unsettling atmosphere that I always used to feel playing RE. My playthrough didn't have any encounters in the mansion thankfully (since I hear that changes at random), so I was right in being nervous. XD I DID JUMP AT ONE PART THOUGH where a fucking bat crashes through the window.

Still on the subject of oldschool, I love the door opening screenchange they use. ♥ And and the ceiling coming down on Jill. And the CRANKS!!

THE ITCHY TASTY FILE!!! THE ITCHY TASTY FILE!!!!!! Oh my GOD I squealed when I read the first few words. Except when I got to the end of the file, I was legit scared to click "end" because of what happened in RE1 when you stopped reading it. ;; Other files mentioned Marcus and Ashford.

Spencer's file was lolarious.

"I, Ozwell E. Spencer, founder of Umbrella as well as its chief executive officer, hereby proclaim myself as the ruler of all mankind."

Yeah okay sweetpea. They also went back to referencing Alex Wesker!! Which surprised and pleased me! If anybody reading this is ... uninformed of who that is, basically Wesker's revelation in RE5 was that he was a subject and part of Project W., started and headed by Alex Wesker. He was unaware of this though, so he's not related to Alex, but all of the Wesker children in Project W were given the surname Wesker because of the founder. We find out at the end of Spencer's file that he disappears, and Spencer's furious that he's been had. I do wonder if that could mean anything in ways of future RE titles.

Another file that was super interesting was one that confirmed Irving was working with Ada. And one other file reveals the names of all 13 Wesker children.

The monsters lurking were creepy as hell. The first time when you see the first one ... I walked up the stairs, went to turn a corner and INSTANT DEATH because the fucking cock was waiting behind the corner. I SCREAMED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL. ;; The first time where the monsters follow you gives you that same dread that Nemesis/Leech Man give you. The "oh shit have to keep moving hurry up and pick up that item he's right behind me fuuuuuuuuu.

The Wesker fight was fun. Very similar to his other RE5 fights, only Jill's AI was a little retarded and kept getting her ass kicked. And somewhat short to fit in just fine with the whole scene that occurs after that.

All in all, I fucking LOVED LiN. I love RE5 and its gameplay, and I know I'm going to love Desperate Escape, but DE is going to be more of an RE5-esque thing, where as LiN was one of the most awesome things Capcom could give to the oldschool RE fans. So I think more of my spazz and flail and freak out was for this one. XD

As for Barry in the Merc Reunion ... fuck me with a rake he is amazing. He is a TANK for starters, great for crits and quick kills and combo boosting. And his lines and attack names are all just hilarious, and all goofy throwbacks to the original RE1. "I have THIS." "What IS this?"

As for his attack names. Burton Boot, okay. Miranda Rights, cute. Has a gun-butt to the head attack, as well as a headbutt attack. But the best attack ever is the BARRY SANDWICH. I love how the infamous Jill sandwich line is just ... still so there and so stupid and amazing. Barry is all man all the time,and I had fun whooping ass with him.

As for Excella, I loved some of her attacks. Humiliate she just ... grabs the enemy by the ear. And her stomp motion is more like a bugsquish, which is very fitting for her. She also has a BITCHSLAP attack. And Sheva's Fairy Tale outfit is just really pretty in-game.


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