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Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 11:47 pm

Alfred mimicking Claire was the best. She had been like "Steve, you need to focus!" And he comes up on the speakers later like "STEEEEEEEEVE YOU NEED TO FOOOOOCUS." Sob I love him so!

Also at one point you hear Wesker's voice and they are like WHO IS THAT!!1

Steve is ... the most adorable thing ever. "Princess Claire! Prince Steve here shall protect you from all evil spirits!" CAN BE BE ANY CUTER.

Actually he can.

"You're cute when you're scared."
"Oh shut up!"

But the way Claire said it was so adorable and affectionate sob. NOBODY CAN DENY THE GEEKWOOBIE THAT IS STEVE.

"Zombie zombie zombie zombie! It's like a damn video game!"

Way to meta, too, Steve. 8D

"No one disrespects my dear brother!"
"LIKE WE GIVE A SHIT." Go Steve go.

When they fly away in the plane, you see Wesker really fast, just checkin' out his knife. Being awesome.

Plane tyrant boss sucks in DSC like it did in the original. STILL HATE IT IN THE FACE. I kicked its skank ass, though.

One thing I noticed about the game, playing through a lot of it. Is in some parts, the script doesn't match the voicing. It's only a small thing, but in a couple of parts the script will say a name or something but the character doesn't actually say the same (but alludes to said character) or vice versa.

"It's okay, I'm right by your side."
"Right. My knight in shining armor, huh?"

Steve and Claire stop that being adorable right now you are killing me with the cute. Not to mention in the Antarctic, when they head outside, you kind of ... slide down the frozen ladder, and then down a snow hill. I just found that super cute.

The fight against Nosferatu was really different, but I really liked it a lot. It ends with hooks, which kind of explains better how when you see him later as Chris, he's ... just hanging on a hook thing in the middle of a room. His boss battle ends by a hook impaling him from behind. And after the fight, Steve and Claire don't even go into the snowmobile. They get TO it, but right before they can do anything else, they get Alexia tentafucked.

You play the rest of the scenario after that with Chris by your side. Since it's from Claire's POV for the most part, it starts when she wakes him to him, like in the game. And ... they are so cute. CHRIS GIVES HER A HEADPAT!!!! ;O;

Alexia is also so pretty, ffff. I cannot wait to icon her hot ass.

Soon after that was the Stevemonster, and bawww. ;; Chris was so protective to Claire during that scene, and Alexia was testing to see if Steve would "obey her". Which before he transformed he was like "I won't ... fight you!" ;; His transformation was awesome and creepy. And the boss battle music was pretty epic for that fight. Baww'd like a bitch when he died, he still did the I love you, but it was more of a whispered trail off since he died, but you can read his lips and dljgklsdjglsk Claire's reaction broke my heart. ;;

Then you find out that ... Alexia killed Alfred herself with her fun time tentacles. The whole thing between the family was changed quite a bit. Alfred was still all ~Alexia~ of course, but he didn't wake her up the same way - he had a secret button on a snowglobe. And he hadn't died yet, and didn't even get to see her in her awakened state in DSC.

For the final fight ... you fight ALL of the Alexia transformations one after the other. Which was like sob! Alexia in the very first form STRUTS though. She just ... STRUTS around the freaking room it is all sorts of awesome. She can also speak in her first few forms, as well.


After you beat her, they go back to get Steve's body, but it's not there! The words "I won this game" are carved into the wall that he was against, and his knife was stabbed into the wall - Chris recognizes it right away, and as they fly away, they see Wesker standing right next to their plane, staring at him. Claire is like "Chris, look!" and he's just like "I know. [SUPER GLARE!!1!]"

Which. Is the biggest disappointment of the game, really. It really cuts out such an important part of it, so the whole ending to CV wasn't as epic or enjoyable as it could and I think should have been. One thing many people were praying for and hoping to see was the epic Wesker and Chris fight with DSC's graphics. So they really lamed up there.

You do find out for sure though that Wesker was responsible for getting the T-Veronica virus to Javier.

And now I have to beat the rest of the Javier scenario! ... Which I may do tomorrow since I'm sort of pooped, but ommgggg this game. ♥


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