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Wednesday, November 18th, 2009 07:10 pm

"She just want to get out of here, Claire! And she needs our help!"
"Men... You just want to impress her, don't you?"

Oh Leon and Claire you two are adorable.

Leon's "What the hell is a G?" sent my mind into the gutter. I now demand porn of Leon being unable to find the G-spot and using that line somewhere in it.

When Leon was on the radio with Annette, he did this hilariously adorable arm flailing when he was speaking to her omg. Leon everybody hangs up on you don't be mad.

"Trenchy" is the best nickname for Mr. X EVER.

On the subject of him. GOD HE STILL SCARES ME SO MUCH. :( Every time he appeared it was total FFFUUUUUUCCCCK!! I do love how they merged the scenario bosses very nicely in this game. With Ada and the rocket launcher and all.

I really liked how they handled Ada dying, too. "Favor returned" was just ... a really good line IMO. It was a lot less "omg I luv u" and a little more on the "oh hey you're cute and I'm "dying" and I owe you anyway SO!"

Sherry was beyond adorable. ;; I felt SO BAD for her at the end, when she finds out she dies and starts crying on Claire. And even went "No, she never!" When Leon passed the message that she really did love her and bwaaaaah. Also hell yes government topping of Leon at the end. ♥

Manuela is really cute. HAPPY I STOPPED WATCHING TRAILERS. I didn't know she was going to wind up being Javier's daughter.

Krauser is so funny too. "Looks like he took his weightloss plan too seriously." Which is ... true those monsters and skinny and creepy as hell.

The Code Veronica scenario so far is beyond adorable. I was squeeing even at the start. Steve's reaction was just SO CUTE and you can just TELL that Claire is having a tiny bit of girlyfun picking on him. I also loooooved when Claire asked him for his story, and he just kind of brushes it off with "it's some other jackass's fault that we wound up here." ;;!!!

Their quippy dialogue is hilarious, too.

"They probably think you're cute!" - Steve
"Your fans are here." - Claire

Alfred's voice is ... too different and too ungay for me to enjoy much. It is cray which I like. But I miss his wacky accent and girly EHEHEHEEEHEEHEEHEE laugh. :( I did lol at him tripping down the stairs though. And the rat insults were really getting to Steve. Poor baby is so insecure.


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